Sacred Symbols 1 & 2





Come and join Starina and her Cosmic Crew to travel beyond your limitations, deep into knowingness of your true, divine Self. Your guide on this journey Starina, will lovingly usher you through 12 Sacred Gateways, introducing you to the galactic sacred geometry and ancient cosmic consciousness known as the Sacred Symbols of the Stars.

Your 3 day celestial cruise will be over-lighted by the Cosmic Counsels of Light and the many Angelic, Galactic and Elemental beings assisting Earth in her rapid metamorphosis.

Become a pillar of Divine Light as these powerful light infusions permeate your being, clearing away karma and transforming you at the deepest level as you anchor your light deep into the heart of Mother Earth.


The Sacred Symbols of the Stars are light encoded templates channelled from Source for the healing of humanity. Each symbol holds unique sacred geometry frequencies capable of transmuting that which is hidden from the light. The high vibratory level of each sacred symbol works on the body’s subtle enegy, clearing wounding through to the cellular level .


Your galactic guide for the duration of your trip is the guardian and gatekeeper of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars, the Galactic Goddess Starina. A visionary, and cosmic communicator, Starina has been chosen as the Earth representative and translator for the galactic united nations collective, known as the Cosmic Counsels of Light.


“What drew me to this workshop is starina herself. At MBS Sydney I picked up a beautiful loving luminescent energy that resonated with my heart. The workshop is a journey back to self, back to trust, back to who we really are in essence; unconditional love. With much grattitude and love I honour you for walking your truth, living your highest potential and showing me the way to live my truth, a living example of empowerment and love. Thank you!” Mea Zaydan, Sydney NSW

“Thank you so much Starina, your workshop was amazing! I can assure this awesome weekend will empower me and change my life in a powerful and profound way. It has opened my heart and enabled me to explore so many dimensions of myself. It was incredibly sacred and I was honoured to be part of this powerful weekend. I look forward to the changes and new symbols that you will gift to us in the future. With much love and appreciation, thank you.” Sue Bourn, Buderim QLD

“Absolutely up there with the most transformational workshops I have ever done! Every single activation was beyond wowness. I feel as through I have quantum leaped, litterally lifetimes ahead. I love you my beautiful, raw, real, honest sister. Thank you eternally! My favourite part of the workshop was every single moment, but my highlight was your Mermaid Song to my heart. You are all that and sooooo much more!”    Deanne Cox, Fremantle WA

“Dear Starina, I have loved this workshop. Thank you so much for inviting me. I have got more out of it than I could have ever imagined, and at such a deep personal level. I feel like a different person after being activated with your symbols. You are an awesome teacher, so genuine and down to Earth, NO EGO! I love you Galactic Sista, keep on rocking the multi-verse. Our Universe is better for having you in it. Lets stay in touch. Love always.” Lauren Kurth, Maleny QLD

“Wow! What an awesome workshop. Soooo much more than what I was expecting and totally different to anything I have ever done. I personally shifted some huge personal stuff and feel like a new person. Thank you so much Starina. In love and light.” Meree Bailey, Perth WA

“I have really loved your loving guidance and the safe yet very clear way of presenting your workshop. I have been to many workshops over the years and also present my own, so I really appriciate the amount of time, love and patience that you have put into this incredible information. I have had a huge amount of healing on so many levels especially one where I would never have been able to access without your guidance, love and insight; my Star Child. To be able to reconnect with her and feel her love and heal her has been such a huge transformation for me. I loved all the activations. The most moving and healing was the Rememberance meditation and I also very much enjoyed the snowflake entity removal, very enlightening. But the most favourite part was the discovering of my voice in language and tonning. I really really am most greatful for your work, your generosity and the focus and connection you have with each and every one of us. Your honesty and integrity was clearly felt.” Marlene Galler, Adelaide SA

“After not knowing what to expect, this workshop blew my mind, my energy field, my heart and my spirit right open. Expanding me in so many ways. The workshop has a perfect mix of usable tools for self and healing others in the future as well as time to heal and grow self over the weekend. The love and suppot of everyone in the group was easy to feel thanks to Starina’s gentle holarious wise and irreverant approach. One of my favourite parts of the weekend was watching everyone transform, lighten up and brighten up! My personal experiences with the symbols were intense, magical and nothing short of miraculous. Infinite love and grattitude to all involved, to The Galactic Goddess Starina, and to the Universe. Love, love, love.” Lotus Laine, Sydney NSW

“Thank you for the activations and elevation. The symbols take one on a journey. The materials are presented concisely, coherently and with clarity. That reflects the seriousness of this work. An enjoyable and much-recommended experience for personal and planetary transformation and healing. I would be happy to personally endorse this workshop to all serious seekers. In addition, Starina presented professionally, passionately and skilfully. There is great integrity here. Thank you!  PS: Starina is the real deal!”    David Arenson, Airlie Beach QLD

“Once again there are no words that could possibly describe the experiences, breakthroughs and knowledge that has been gifted to me during this course. If I had to sum it up mind-blowing, life-changing, and enlightening. These symbols seriously kicked my ass!!! But I now move forward in to the light. Thank you once again! All the loves.”    Rebecca Darlington,  Applecross WA

“It has been a wonderful journey of self descovery. The energy of the symbols were just amazing. I loved how Starina shared her life experiences and insights with all of us. It made a more down to Earth and real experience that she also has problems in her life. She is a generous and wonderful human being, so wise but also accessable to everyone. My favourite part of the workshop was the safe environment to share in. The connection with all the participants. Starina with her beautiful, unconditional and non-judgemental energy. The amazing symbols and their effects on all of us.” Sheridan Gschwind, Brisbane QLD

“I am totally lost for words, its really hard to pack a punch in 3 days. But it was highly worth every punch, or slap, and tickle, whatever floats your boat. I laughed I cried, I moved into every cell of my being and alligned myself with so many amazing frequencies. Not one part of me was left behind. I am eager to find out how my life will unfold after being involved into something big and so intensive. Nannoo Nannoo.”    Katie Hawkes, Freemantle WA