Star Light Healing


An intergalactic healing journey, channelled from the stars by The Galactic Goddess Starina.

Starina is the sacred custodian of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars, and this brand new healing system is the progression of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars healing journey.

In order to be able to join your fellow Star Priestesses and Galactic Masters, you will need to have already completed both the level 1 and 2 SSOS activations at one of Starinas workshops. This workshop is offered by personal invite only.

The information shared within the Languages of Light, Starlight Healing Workshop has been channelled by Starina since 2011, via the Cosmic Counsels of Light. Starina will share brand new healing techniques that are easily used to perform house & land clearings, self healings, and hands on and distant healings on others.

These beautiful techniques help to balance the body and energy centers, center and align the individual in preparation for new holograms of light to be integrated during a galactic healing session.

Each attendee will be shown how to work with both the new alignment techniques, the Sacred Symbols of the Stars Templates, and the Crystal Keys.

Possibly the most exciting and transformative part of this weekend workshop will be the attunements with Starinas Sacred Seals of Enlightenment. These sacred intitiations will be performed with ancient scrolls of coded information transmitted by 6 of the Star Nations for the transformation of the In-Lighted Hu-Man consciousness.

* I Pledge Alligance to the Light      * The Dolphin Codes of Atlantis     * The Importance of Protection
* The Energy Centres     * Connecting the Star Bridge     * Connecting the Balance Points     * Extra Balance Points
* The Heart Union     * Performing a Hands-on Starlight Healing      * Additional Healing Techniques
* Working with the Sacred Symbols of the Stars     * Working with Crystals and the Crystal Keys                                           * The Sirian Light Seals     * The Importance of Self     * Quick Space Clear Process     * Full Space Clear Process
* Healing Checklist     * Starlight Healing House Clearing Process     * The Pleidian Emisseries of Light
* The Andromedan Codings of Light     * Negative Energies     * Entities     * Implants     * Walk-ins / Shove-ins
* Quick Removal Process     * Full Removal Process     * Distant Removal Process     * Important Things to Remember


“Thank you Starina from the bottom of my heart for an another amazing weekend workshop. I am so proud and blessed to be part of the first LOL class graduating as Languages of the Light practitioners. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences in an awesome fun way, I had a great time learning awesome things. I can highly recommend Starina’s workshops as I have completed SSOS1, SSOS2, Galactic Reiki 1, 2 and 3  and LOL and loved every minute of it, as Starina comes from Love and shares Love all around, her workshops are full of fun and laughter and she’ll take you to places you never been before. Love and Light to All.”    Susann Granger,   Noosa, QLD

“Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and awesome kickass ninja skills / procedures. This workshop is like nothing else you would have experienced at any other workshop. So much learning and growth over the weekend, I am very honoured to be able to be a part of this Languages of Light Workshop. Every healer should be getting to know these symbols and sacred geometry, and learning the Languages of Light – they are mind blowing! Once again I would just like to thank you for inviting me to be a part of your workshop Starina, I cannot wait to see what this healing modality brings for me. I had such an amazing weekend, spending quality time with awesome lovely souls and learning new things at the same time – win win! Thank you so much for everything over the past year Star, you will always have a special place in my heart! I love you! PS never stop being a dancing unicorn, love from a fellow Light Ninja.”  Kaitlin Greco, Rockingham, West Australia

“Doing the Languages of Light workshop has been the most amazing experience for me.  I have learnt so much about myself and others. I was nervous when I did my first workshop as I find it difficult to try new things. Starina makes you feel like you are home.  Starina is there for each and everyone who does these workshops, as they bring up stuff that you never realized was there.  I had a couple of times where I had trouble dealing with my feelings and Starina and the group were there to support me.  We all started out as strangers, and now are friends, or family, as we help each other out. These workshops have given me more confidence to talk to others and to trust in myself. Doing the workshops my eyes were opened to so much, and I learnt how to use these amazing symbols which I use in everyday life.  Starina always encourages us to be the best we can.  When you have a down day Starina is alway there to talk things through, and so are the people in the group.  If you want to do something for yourself that will make you feel like you can do anything I would highly recommend to do these workshops.   Thank you for always being there and making the workshops fun. Starina you ROCK!!!!”    Shaz Randall ,  Brisbane, QLD

“What would I tell other people about this workshop? Incredible, life-changing experience! Starina and her Sacred Symbols of the Stars have changed my life forever, and for the better! I can’t believe it’s only been a year and I have changed so much from an insecure, meek, mild person to I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Turning darkness into light! Kick-ass awesome ninja goddess of light! Starina I love you to the moon and back!”  Clare Millar, Cannington, West Australia

“I have had the privilege of attending several workshops hosted by Starina. It has been a joy to be guided through the galactic energies that can only be described as life changing. Thank you star beings and THANK YOU Starina.”    Brooke Smith,   Brisbane, QLD

“This workshop is EPIC you gotta do it! Starina, Mwha! Loved it, thank you so much! Love and light to your heart Starina. Soooo glad to have met such a beautiful soul. I’m sure we have many more adventures together yet!”   Bec Price, Byford, West Australia

“The Languages of Light opens your heart and soul to higher consciousness. Allowing you to re-connect with healing modalities from ancient times in this lifetime. All who are drawn to this workshop have within them this ancient knowledge and are ready to awaken this part of their soul again.”    Ronnie Dearlove,   Bribie Island, QLD

“If you get the chance DO THIS WORKSHOP! I literally cannot thank you enough for the amazing gifts you have given me Starina. I feel like I have come a long way since my first workshop, and I know things are only going to get easier and better from here. Thank you Starina from the bottom of all 3 hearts.”  Bee Darlington,  Rockingham, WA

“Another amazing weekend workshop! WOW! I have loved every moment of Languages of Light, working further with these amazing symbols and learning additional techniques with them. I feel very blessed and honoured to have been part of this experience, and to have spent the weekend with such beautiful, incredible souls, at such a gorgeous venue. Thank you Starina for another unforgettable workshop and weekend full of fun, laughter and happiness! I am feeling very excited and optimistic about what will unfold after this weekend. Blessings & love”    Paula Mack, Pomona, QLD

“Magical and uplifting, a workshop for your soul. I connected with the most amazing souls and will be forever grateful. Learning the simple and powerful techniques has helped my self-healings and healings on clients to magnify beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you Starina, for creating this safe, loving atmosphere where we could connect with our galactic family once again. Many Blessings.”   Alexis Littleboy, Brisbane, QLD

“Wow! this workshop the Languages of Light by Starina, offering participants this STAR LIGHT HEALING SYSTEM was exceptional.  I really loved it.  I can’t think how to put into words how good and how different and how beneficial it was for me.  So I thoroughly recommend this workshop.”     Marion Forrest,   Maleny, QLD

“The Languages of Light workshop was inspiring. The processes and techniques Starina taught us really filled in the blanks and will add another dimension to our healings. Loved every minute of it!”    Joanne Bunton, Brisbane, QLD