“Wonderful group of people, made some real, honest connections within myself and with others. Moving forward and feeling great about it! Thank you Starina for everything! Meeting you and finding these symbols have been a ‘god send’ what an awesome experience, hope to see you and everyone in the future. Just keep swimming!”   Alice Gray

“Wow! What a follow up from SSOS 1, I thought that was amazing – but this workshop is the perfect way to continue learning new modalities. Integrating and sharing this experience with not only you Starina but also with some fantastic like-minded people.My favourite part as always is the laughs, sharing and everything amazeballs! I will never forget about Katie and her yoga moves!”    Carla Torien

“I feel like I have just experienced the best drugs but havent even touched any! I feel the most beautiful energy, tingly little rushes. I actually feel as though my heart exploded. I am so happy to have experiences this course, I cant recommend it enough!! I have just spent 3 days meditating on the most awesome symbols. Laughing and giggling with the most beautiful people. My favourite part was the whole lot! Expansion was my favourite activation.”  Katie Hawkes

“Amazing! Went on some fabulous journies of descovery. Looking forward to using the symbols more at home. Once again lots of cool music and lots of wind! It was fishing fabulous! Loved the people, brilliant sharing experiences, lots of laughing once again and of course you Starina!”    Glen Shindler

“Beautiful experience. What the other half said! Awesome! Starina as always such an amazing workshop, you never know what your going to get! Trippy journies, drugless highs. Love being in a place where all egos are left at the door – everyone bearing all, such a beautiful sight to see. Loved the whole experience. My favourite part of the workshop was all the highs and lows of the knocking down that sh*t – breaking free on the other side.”    Bec Price



“ SSOS 2 workshop has been a lovely experience for both my inner and outer worlds. The energies and frequencies of the second series are so nice to work with. I have definitely found a new love in all of them for their own different reasons. I am feeling so much lighter and ready to continue my journey with a greater understanding of these amazing symbols. I am honoured and have so much respect for myself that I thought I could never find. Just want to once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My life has not and never will be the same again. I am so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Kaitlin Greco

“ It has been a beautiful, light, magical experience this workshop. I have done both the Galactic Reiki and SSOS 1 and compared to the ass-kicking releases of SSOS 1 this has been a nice light energy experience. In saying that, everything I was able to release during and after SSOS 1 has really made this experience a much lighter one. Being pregnant has been a whole new experience doing this workshop as well. Beautiful! Magical! Angelic! Smiles! I loved everything about this workshop the venue, the people, the energy, the meditations, everything! Loving the SSOS 2 symbols, yummy awesomeness! The end was my favourite! So much love and light came through that I has never experienced before! Thank you so much with all my being! You’re a star!” Marissa Bozanich

“ I enjoyed this workshop as I wasn’t triggered like I was in SSOS 1. I was surprised with what I was able to release and the clarity of distinguishing the good beings and entities from the bad. Holding this workshop as a retreat was brilliant as we could go and share and discuss the day over dinner. My favourite part of the workshop was the Elevate symbol, as I trusted myself enough to release a biggie. I loved everyone’s openness and I enjoyed having my eyes opened through the Forgiveness symbol (activation) believe it or not haha.” Patrice McGill

“ I’ve had a great time removing the old, out-dated templates and blueprints and upgrading to the new. My favourite part of the workshop – it is a toss-up between the ‘pixels’ leaving Earth during the Integration activation, and the ‘cinnamon roll’.” Natasha Orisha

“ Nothing like immersing yourself in 3 days of sacred geometry, spirit, channelling, connection with Source, coming out the other end with great shifts, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My favourite part of the workshop was the cinnamon roll and the continuing expansion using the symbols.” Chantelle Shaw

“ Having had the pleasure of being a part of Galactic Reiki and Sacred Symbols of the Stars 1 workshops I would have to say the first 2 workshops were awesome and SSOS 2 is EPIC!!! Being surrounded by wonderful, good people certainly helped (oh and of course Starina rocks my world!!) hehe. I felt completely at peace within myself as well as with the people around me. Rock on LOL! My favourite part of the workshop was the meditations, I always get something new and amazing out of each of them. Learning through meditation for me has always been a good way to learn, develop and connect. Starina I love your meditation voice I cannot listen to anyone else. You must tell me where you get your music from because I loved every one, they took me to a new dimension. Thanks hunny for being you, you never change. Love and sunshine.” Clare Millar

“ Just like the 2 previous workshops, I feel like working with these glorious symbols has significantly opened my doors of perception. I’ve had an abundance of “wow” moments during the “Guardians of the Light” workshop. I feel like my soul has elevated to a whole new level and I’ve amplified my evolution and healing tenfold. It’s like a bliss bomb has been released into my entire being. Thank you once again Starina. Love and Light.” Bee Darlington

“Absolutely rocked my world again! It was everything I had hoped for and more. I can already see how life-changing this weekend is. Been waiting what seems like forever (since the first series) to do this workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Anyone contemplating doing any of Starinas workshops I can tell you right now, it will be one of the most life-changing and beautifully healing experiences you can do for yourself. As a practitioner you can also integrate this information into healings, massage, meditations, readings and day to day life. Cannot recommend it highly enough. I love all of the symbols so much. I’ve been working with all of them for a while now so I’m familiar with most of them. For me my favourite part was the amazing company who has become like family to me, the beautiful location and the chalet and the fact it was a true escape from life and a chance to be around like-minded loving people as we release, share, shift, heal and grow at an astounding rate.” Shani Chambers

“ I absolutely fekkin loved it! It was so much fun, so many laughs – the “shooting star!” All of the activations were really great because of all the intensified energy. There’s no way I could’ve experienced or seen everything I did there if I had done a meditation on my own at home. It’s a whole different level, literally out of this world! I loved the in-depth activation for each symbol and also making friendships with great people. I now have an understanding and a bond with each unique symbol; they are all so different and powerful. I feel like absolutely anything is possible. I had an absolute ball and laughed so hard, I also learnt a thing or two.” Kellie Lee

“ After Sacred Symbols 1 this is the second part to a wonderful journey of light and discovery. I just loved it! I love the activations and how different and unlike each of the 12 are.” Mark Brnic

“ There is still a lot more to learn and this workshop was a stepping stone to that knowledge. Bring on the next one! I loved the fancy dress dinner, oh and not being the only male at the workshop LOL!” Paul Smith

“ Beautiful, gentle, heartfelt, powerful, transforming, electrifying, wonderful experience. Lots of love, gratitude and grace for your knowledge and wisdom. I can’t really say which part is my favourite; I loved connecting to Source, to Spirit, to Self. All is equally divine and beautiful. Thank you.” Jane Fitzgerald



“Amazing and delicious. The location was incredibly beautiful, which only added to the awesome energy, pretty symbols and shiny teacher. Starinas workshops are very highly recommended, she shares her love, her work, her gifts, her knowledge, but the lady herself is a divine bubble of shiny yummy inspiring awesomeness. I never fail to be inspired, encouraged, hopeful, smiley and most of all HAPPY around Starina. Even if you choose not to use the SSOS in any healing work outside of this workshop, the journey they will take you on during the activations is well worth it. Thank you Starina.”    Jodie Simpson

“The emotions felt, been and gone, I feel this workshop has been a very good experience for me! I love working with these symbols and now having been aligned and attuned to them I cannot wait to see what changes while working with them. My favourite part of the workshop was getting to know the symbols, the teacher and the other students on a more profound level. Just loved the energies as they came in with the symbols!”    Charmaine Watkins

“This one is so different to SSOS 1, it is REALLY deep. Starina like always has a magical presence that leaves you mesmerised. Her tone of voice takes you places, when she channels it is like stars exploding in your head!! For me I loves going deep, this rarely happens.”  Maria Gabriela

“Unbelievable how these symbols work to bypass the head and stir up areas in the body needing healing/balancing or improvement. Strange how doing workshops the second time was completely different to the first time, however I did notice I went deeper the second time.” Marion Forrest

“These symbols bring balance openness and measurable insight into ourselves. Also brings change and growth and in my case freedom to move on to the next exciting part of my journey. What a fantastic journey into our deeper selves. These symbols will unleash our fears and allow us to grow. All can be possible if you believe. My favourite part of the workshop was the amazing people who attended the workshop who create the energy that also works with the symbols. The symbols are so powerful and so beautiful to our growth.”    Teena Curry

“Totally amazing! I knew it was going to be epic but wow!!! That was bigger than epic, what a weekend. SSOS 1 was so good I wasn’t sure how this workshop would top it…. But it has! I have laughed and cried, what an amazing ride. So glad I got to experience it with such an awesome group of people and am holding my breath to see what happens next. I know major stuff has shifted already, but can’t wait to see what unfolds now in the days, weeks and months to come. My favourite part of the workshop was the Expansion and Elevate activations A – MAZE – ING!!  Out of this world – literally – stuff!”    Kate Hotson

“Enjoyable and relaxing, good people, good company. Although I don’t get much visual at all I enjoyed meditating with the symbols. They are another tool for my toolbox and I feel comfortable using them as they have been brought in with integrity.”  Cassandra Hansen

“Our workshops has been amazing! I have loved these beautiful symbols and the journeys they have taken me on. It has been a gentle snugly ride that I wish was longer. Everyone was great and we laughed our way through. I have learnt a lot and cant wait to continue the ride thank you!”   Jai Pankhurst

“I really enjoyed how the guidance during each symbol helped me feel like it was ok to just allow. It was transformational and amazing, always beyond what I thought might happen. Uplifting and also deep and gentle. An amazing 3 days of laughter and growth as we journeyed through them all. A very enjoyable time with fellow travellers.”   Ivan Beazleigh



“Starina thank you for providing and sharing the SSOS 2 which have been challenging, revealing and healing on so many levels. Your team are awesome, your light language is amazing and your energy is incredible. Thank you for being the pure channel that you are and for being a voicebox for our star families of light and so many others. Celestial Blessings.”     John White

“Starina forever thankful for your SSOS. Expansion really knows how to sort you out. Thank you for connecting us all……. we are one!”     Mandi Itzerott

“The sacredness of the stars was gifted to us. It was love from the stars given through the most purest light geometries. I am truly blessed to be able to participate and recieve them. Blessings and grattitude always.”     Vanessa Eagleton

“Starina, you never seem to sease to amaze me how down to Earth you are. You are amazing and awesome with everything you do. Your energy is catching. Thank you thank you thank you. This workshop is what I have been needing for a very long time. The Sacred Symbols of the Stars Guardians of the Light brings you to another place. Integrates everything from the first Sacred Symbols Workshop and gives more meaning to why we are here. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to change.”     Shaz Randall

“Dear Starina, thank you for lighting the way! My path is in sight! Lots of love.”     Brooke Smith

“Dear Starina, thank you for bringing forth the second series of spectacular symbols to Earth. They will bring forth the energy needed to establish a higher vibration to our Universe at this time. Guardians of the Light has been an amazing experience for me and these symbols will bring me great healing with Integration and Expansion into my higher self. Blessings.”     Ronnie Dearlove

“A totally lovely experience, got so much out of the three days. Awesome! What a lovely group of people and a fantastic venue with a variety of food. I didnt stay at night but really enjoyed Doug and Helens hospitality. Learnt so much about myself and most importantly for me I found my voice! Thank you to everyone and all the Light Beings. Thank you. Much grattitude to you Starina. Love light and blessings.”     Darryl Conolly

“Wow! That was the most awesome workshop Starina. Thank you so much for guiding us on our journey home! Huge shifts and awesome energy! We all ELEVATED to a whole new level. Staying at Innerstaigh Retreat was the best! The workshop space totally rocked! Love you heaps.”     Joanne Bunton

“Dear Starina, once again another amazing workshop!!! Thank you so much for all your knowledge and wonderful new symbols you have shared with us. I have enjoyed every moment and look forward to LOL.”     Paula Mack

“It really was such a beautiful amazing experience. Thank you for all the assistance love and light, of all the symbols and energy. Such amazing energy from the whole group. Thank you again for such an amazing weekend. Met some truly beautiful amazing people. Holy wow! Loved it! Thanks.”     Tamara Caswell

“Wow. Absolutely mind blowing. I feel the winds of change and they are blowing out the old and bringing the new (and good) in. Absolutely loved this workshop. Would do it again if possible. Looking forward to upcomming events with Starina and her Galactcic Crew. Thank you so much for sharing and being the Goddess you are. You have helped show me my own inner Goddess and I thank you for this.”     Alexis Littleboy

“Unbelievable! I felt it was of great benefit to Mother Earth as well as for all participants. Thank you Starina.”     Marion Forrest

“Awesome! Such a powerful experience of learning, love and creating just the most amazing energy. It was such an awesome weekend reconnecting with friends and laughing and sharing in the beautiful energy of these awesome symbols. The venue was just pure magic and it felt like home. Thank you.”     Tracey Scott

“Pure bliss! I feel like I have grown so much in only three days. I cannot express how grateful I am of you sharing all this beauty with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”     Ann Hale

“Thank you Starina for yet another epic, larger than life workshop! It was lots of fun, laughter, tears, awakenings, wow moments and the rest. Love your work! Thank you, thank you, thank you. PS fantastic group of people! Lots of love.”     Susan Granger

“A magical experience once again. Many many powerful activations and high frequencies. I cant wait to see what manifests in my life from here. I feel very honoured to be a part of this sacred event. Thank you.”     Mario Pisano

“An amazing experience, so much to integrate into my cells. I will be doing a lot of work with these symbols to heal the past and the present. An awesome journey with wonderful people. Starina is an incredible teacher who helps shine the way.”     Leisa Crane