“Dear Starina, What a blessing the workshop Sacred Symbols of the stars was. I was in a very fragile stuck state before doing the workshop, I just feel like a new person…well more aligned to me without a lot of baggage, I have done many workshops, had healings, counselling for years but nothing compares with this, it’s hard to put in words it feels like our real nature and more. I just love the Symbols and am in awe that they are mine now to use in my everyday life, I have been using them as life throws up some lesson but they are taking the edge of everything, but what i love is that i put my hand on the needed Symbol and the struggles i had before the workshop of getting stuck in fear, panic and in a suppressed state just moves out of my body and i am feeling light and free again, I feel like i have died and gone to heaven…well i guess really the ego, shadow has died and my true self is able to shine through now….what a blessing!! And the bonus from the workshop is that i have made new friends who we have traveled this journey together with, a sacred bond now.” Astarlia Green

“Thank you so much Starina, your workshop was amazing! I can assure this awesome weekend will empower me and change my life in a powerful and profound way. It has opened my heart and enabled me to explore so many dimensions of myself. It was incredibly sacred and I was honoured to be part of this powerful weekend. I look forward to the changes and new symbols that you will gift to us in the future. With much love and appreciation, thank you.” Sue Bourn

“Thank you Starina, I really enjoyed the past few days. There were so many powerful personal realisations and experiences. I feel these symbols have empowered me infinitely, and I feel I have only just touched the surface of their true potential, and soooo look forward to playing further. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts so gracefully. Big Big Love!!” Alli Johnston

“I loved learning about and working with these amazing symbols which all have a unique presence and connection. It felt like a remembering and an honouring. Starina presented this workshop with a wonderful balance of fun and wisdom. Thank you to the whole group for the love and mutual respect shared.” Belinda Pate-Macdonald

“Dear Starina, Thank you for an empowering weekend, I have grown so much in such a short time. I was blessed to be able to share it with some beautiful Goddess and feel supported and loved. I am so excited to get back to work and start playing with the symbols. So many amazing things happened over the weekend, I watched people transform as layers of self doubt and negative energy was released. This workshop would be perfect for anyone ready to take the next step to an empowered life.” Leisa Crane

“Starina, you are a beautiful being of Light and Love your Sacred Symbols of the Stars are Powerful, Amazing, Beautiful and an Honour to have. They will be with used with the greatest integrity in which they were designed. We are all so blessed to have been part of your maiden workshop, to be the first group of light-workers to anchor and experience these awesome energies, I am so so grateful to have had that. What a fantastic group of gorgeous woman to do this workshop with, each and every one of you. Again, thank you!” Robin Court

“Hello Super Star.I feel very blessed and privileged that Starina initiated us in her first workshop to the 12 Sacred Symbols of the Stars. Working with these Activational Healing Templates is an absolutely awesome experience which does not only make your heart sing but, it will also bring your hidden powers out of the shadow into the light. If you want to connect with Source and regain some of the knowledge you had in Atlantis, then this workshop is a must for you. Starina is not only a radiant and flamboyant young lady, but she also holds a very high vibration which is particularly connected to the Higher Realms of the Cosmos. Her singing of the Light Language during one of our meditations gave me goose bumps and transported me to other dimensions. Starina’s teaching is done in an easy to understand and joyful way. My advice is: Boys and Girls go for it if you want to be better equipped for what lies ahead of us in these interesting and challenging times. However, be prepared that it will not be all smooth sailing til you have succeeded in working through your issues from this and previous lifetimes. Have a magical day, Radiant Goddess. Love & Light to you and your beautiful Family.” Fridelle Stanyer