Day III (123)


“Upon arriving to the workshop on the first morning I had no idea what to expect to It felt good to arrive with an open mind and heart albeit my heart was rather sore which is the best time to start that particular healing journey. There was a really friendly in tune and warming group of individuals in the group circle so that also helped in letting myself unfold and be all that I am in my experiences and discussions with the group. Starina explained each symbol in detail and answered any queries we had as well as let us share our own insight. Starina’s bubbly, vivacious and diplomatic attitude made the workshop all the more rewarding.

My favourite part of the workshop was being able to share the journey and experience and soul learning with others and also that that circle of individuals was perfect in divine timing. I loved hearing the stories, insight, wisdom and trance state experiences of others as well as interacting with Starina’s E.T. sculptures. It was fun to let my inner child out and do some work with my higher-self.” Alice Aquarious

“Feel really at peace, lots of great meditations, very interesting experience. Blue Lady, enjoyed meeting her, she is coming back to take me away again, she checked it was ok. Lovely group of people very comfortable with them all. Interesting conversations. My favourite part of the workshop was meeting all the alien/galactic beings and getting a lovely clear heart and blue crystal in my head. Beams from my heart so huge. Thank you sis. ” Tanya Skinner

“Awesome! So happy to connect with you. Integration, connection, love of self, spirit and family. My favourite part of the workshop was connecting with the symbols and codes, remembering many memories and assistance in moving forward. Thank you!” Jane Fitzgerald

“This was beyond amazing. So many tools for me to use on both myself and my clients. Blown away by the connections to light beings. Feeling very blessed to be able to share this. Words can not express my gratitude. I will definitely see you for the rest of your workshops. Highly recommend this to everyone. A real eye-opener. My favourite part of the workshop was unplugging from the matrix, witnessing all the channelling, the Fairies in the Grounded activation. All the beautiful new friends I made.” Shani Faye Chambers

“Starina thank you for such a beautiful, awesome workshop. I loved repeating this workshop and would recommend to anyone who has done this workshop before. Jump on board, hold on to your hat – for great energies, beings and much more! My favourite part of the workshop was everyday was something different. Especially clearing of the chakras. Kundalini releasing. Thank you!” Margaret Smith

“Starina, thank you for gifting me this amazing workshop. I am amazed how I came with fear and I am leaving without it. The told you have given me will undoubtedly take me to so many new levels and places. Thank you for your honesty and sharing your journey. My favourite part of the workshop was feeling such a connection with Source and embracing my uniqueness and honouring who I am. Also the sense of belonging to the Universe and knowing as above, so below, we are one.” Ros Latter

“Starina you ROCKED MY SPARKLY SOCKS OFF! I truly enjoyed every moment. I feel brand new! Glad to be blessed and have experiences your knowledge and wisdom. Thanks again! I AM, AS I AM. We can/must rebuild, we have the technology. My favourite part of the workshop was all of the meditations and learning was awesome. I am thankful to have received tools for my future growth.” Lia Manuirirangi

“I have been seeking a workshop like this for many, many years. Finally after looking for so long I finally received the answers from the Universe. I acquired a lot of information and universal knowledge in these 3 days. More so than from years of other information sources. It was like a rapid upload. Many other workshops charge much more and often not a lot of new information is presented. I enjoyed the fact that Starina has the balls to question old paradigms and bring through new methods to suit our rapidly evolving world. Thank you so much Starina you’re a real gem. My favourite part of the workshop was learning how different genders perceive the symbols in such different ways. I found that females are much more observant and have a lot more of a creative process. Males on the other hand seem to be a lot more rigid in thought process and tend to struggle more finding meaning from the symbols. I gained a valuable look into the female psyche which I would never have been without the use of the symbols and the meditations.” Bee Hive

“Thanks so much for sharing your symbols and some of your journey with us. It was a beautiful space to be in for 2.5 days. Im looking forward to noticing the differences after all the amazing work we have done.

My favourite part of this workshop was seeing the baby Andromedan, the activations, removing the chakras, actually all of it! Also meeting the fab people that are drawn to your workshops.” Jane Staple

“Thank you so much for an extra special weekend sis. Really lucky I had the opportunity to repeat this workshop for a second time and I have completely new experiences this time. Really special to share this weekend with two of my beautiful sisters. I look forward to sharing many more magical moments like this in the future. Loads of love and light. My favourite part of the workshop was the meditation we shared on Sunday morning as I had the opportunity to meet my Star Family.” Siobhan Skinner

“Awesome! Such a beautiful experience with so much new information and energy. You have a divine gift and I am so glad our paths have crossed! So happy to have experienced our beautiful pitch perfect singing. So exciting to meet another “sister from another mister.” My favourite part of the workshop was releasing our chakras and snake. But my super, super favourite part was the beautiful connection and energy I felt while I was singing in connection with Starina. Very beautiful, overwhelming and something I will remember forever!” Merinda Smith

“Through these whole three days I have had such an amazing activation with the Sacred Symbols of the Stars that I feel has transformed me on a cellular level and soul level. I feel very empowered by this workshop and know it has opened new pathways for me in a great way. It was really wonderful to share and connect with everyone. Thank you, unconditional love to you and your family Starina and success in all that you do. It has also been a great galactic conference and gathering with you all in this group and above. My favourite part of the workshop was sharing our journeys with each other after each star symbol activation. I enjoyed all sections of the workshop especially connecting to my beautiful Sirius Star Beings and all other divine beings on Earth and above. Thank you Starina, love and blessings.” Nada Isis Titania

“I am very happy that I got to attend this SSOS workshop. It has been a wonderful healing journey of letting go of the past and learning to trust again. It was a fun 3 days with a great group of people. I am now looking forward to using them on myself and others. Thank you so much Starina for your wonderful gift. I do truly appreciate it. Thank you for helping me to heal. My favourite part of the workshop – I loved the Grounded activation. I was initially not thrilled to be standing up but I soon began to experience all the energy. It was exhilarating and intense. A very unique experience that can’t really be described.” Tanya McIvor