“Very much a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it brought up some things that I had pushed away for a long time – my aborted older brother – which got me quite emotional yet again, so now I can work on that some more. I finally got to see some chool sh*t and hear some awesome expereinces from the other totally amazing people! Great sharing from others, loved it!! Havent laughed so much in I dont know how long! My favourite part of the workshop was all of it! The wonderufl people! The sharing of experiences, actually seeing some cool sh*t that I havent been able to see, I finally got there! Some fabuilous music as well. The whole weekend was amazing thank you! Chanting and languages were awesome too! Thank you for opening me up to new experiences. Angel wings!! Loved that bit too!! Awesome tingles.”    Glen Schindler

“This is my second time attending SSOS 1 and have had an amazing experience once again! Thank you! I am seeing and hearing things in a whole new light. I can see that I have worked through and shifted a lot and am embracing it all. Amazing activations, amazing people and amazing energies – just amazing all round, so thank you once again Starina. I am very greatful to be on this journey connecting to me, and reconnecting with the beautiful souls here too! I love you! My favourite part of the workshop: Day 1 , loved how many laughs and giggles there was before the Star Child activation. Loved how we did a lot of inner child work. Day 2: Loved how much I acknowledged and shifted with the Contact symbol activation – thank you for helping show me the way with your symbols. Day 3: Again loved all the laughs and loved the Divine Creation Activation – so friggin good! Honestly words cannot explain how simple yet powerful all the activations are

how totally different I feel, think, and am at the end of the workshops! Once again, thank you and your crew for absolutely everything – your one of a kind lovely lady!”    Kaitlin Greco

“Absolutely up there with the most transformational workshops I have ever done! Every single activation was beyond wowness. I feel as through I have quantum leaped, litterally lifetimes ahead. I love you my beautiful, raw, real, honest sister. Thank you eternally! My favourite part of the workshop was every single moment, but my highlight was your Mermaid Song to my heart. You are all that and sooooo much more!”    Deanne Cox

” Starina!! This workshop is the bomb!! Thank you soooo much for sharing this amazing gift you have!! Im not a fan of workshops but love, love, love this one and I cant wait for SSOS 2!! Namaste.

My favourite part of the workshop was the casual sharing of our meditations and support from everyone – loved the circle of love!! Thanks for the laughs too – oh em gee I dont think I have laughed so hard in a billion years!! Bring on SSOS 2!!”    Carla Torien

“A wonderful experience, an amazing journey, finding out what blocks me, what I need to do to benefit me. Excited to see what my future holds. My favourite part of the workshop was that it helped me to see my future-self, my worth, my awesome future, my divine.

Thank you Starina! The toning and chanelling was amazing!”    Alice Gray

“What can I say? Love the symbols, but to experience a unique journey during each activation was pretty amazing. This was a confirmation that a lot of healing had taken place for me since using all the symbols from Series One during the Galactic Reiki Retreat in 2014. I deffinately know I delved deeper into old wounding and was able to let go of old patterns and messages that continue to hold me back. This, once again, came along just at the right time! Thank you! My favourite part of the workshop was the activation meditations.  Particually Contact on Day 2! Catching up with the crew I met before. Feeling safe to share my experiences of each symbol; Exposing my vulnarabilies, fears and guilt/shame and being seen and heard. Going home with newer/bigger/shinier symbols – more energy – more healing – more awesomeness!!!”    Nicola Lavery

“Hmm OMG where do I start!!! Amazing depths of being travelled and brought back. The unseen brought to light. Very insightful and absolutely can not wait till the next take-off. What a blast, Thank you!  My favourite part of the workshop was the dirty laughter and joy of all hearts singing. The whole thing! So worth the wait!”    Bec Price




“Awesome experience. Enjoyed every minute of it! Going to love working with your beautiful creations.”    Deena Esquivel Peters

“Bravo! Once again Starina! This is the third time I have sat this course and I am once again blown away and am in awe of the power of these symbols. Thanks again Starina.”   Shani Chambers

“Loved the workshop, amazing powerful symbols and beautiful people to share with, like remembering again. Lovely connecting with myself and everyone. So so needed, thank you! Truly a blessing.”    Casey Lewis

“Really fun! Lots of laughs. Thanks for being so full of energy and making this workshop f*cking great. Loved it!”    Kellie Lee

“I really enjoyed how open everyone was. As a group I wasn’t as connected as usual, time to go inwards. Very cool workshop, love the symbols and how you presented your work.”    Patrice McGill

“Thank you for the activations and elevation. The symbols take one on a journey. The materials are presented concisely, coherently and with clarity. That reflects the seriousness of this work. An enjoyable and much-recommended experience for personal and planetary transformation and healing. I would be happy to personally endorse this workshop to all serious seekers. In addition, Starina presented professionally, passionately and skilfully. There is great integrity here. Thank you!  PS: Starina is the real deal!”    David Arenson

“It’s been a really huge, beneficial journey for me. It has been an awesome experience. It has helped me to connect to myself and my power in a way I have been seeking and yearning to do. It’s given me great tools on my journey of healing and discovery. At the beginning I was split in two and all over the place. The bringing together, alignment and deeper, higher connection has been awesome. Thank you!”    Deborah Dobson

“Once again there are no words that could possibly describe the experiences, breakthroughs and knowledge that has been gifted to me during this course. If I had to sum it up mind-blowing, life-changing, and enlightening. These symbols seriously kicked my ass!!! But I now move forward in to the light. Thank you once again! All the loves.”    Rebecca Darlington

“The wild activations were my favourite bits, and the empowerment that came through healing and connecting with Source and my Star Family.”    Chantelle Shaw

“This is the second time Ive done SSOS 1 and wow such a ride! So different than the last time. Packed an awesome punch to take me to that next level. Thanks Starina.”    Natasha Freudenstein

“Great SSOS 1! What is going to happen at SSOS 2? OMG!”    Paul Smith



“Wow at long last ive seen you in action and been able to experience this workshop in person! To my darling Starina you are amazing and I love you with every fibre of my being!

What a rollercoaster, started off really good the first day, fell down the second day, found my feet and really felt a huge shift by the end of the last day. Loved the group consciousness thing and seeing others evolve through their issues. I found this gives you the courage to face your own. I feel like im really seated in my power now! I loved seeing you teaching and spreading your message and doing your thing as you do it so well. Love you to the stars and back. Thank you! Your lover Pete.”    Peter Storey

“Sacred Symbols of the Stars Workshop was AWESOME! AMAZING! WICKED! EPIC! Thank you Starina for showing me a path I always knew was there but it was covered in darkness. The Sacred Symbols have changed my way of thinking, my self doubt, and I hope to make a difference into whatever I choose to do. Have I said it was AWESOME? Awesomeness all the way!!”    Clare Millar

“I had an amazing time this weekend! I will be doing more of your workshops for certain! I found my star family! Heard familiar language that made me feel overwhelmend and the voice and how it spoke oh how fuk I missed that! I have a long way to go and I thank you for how much you have taught us so far! I see myself in you a lot and I thank you for reconnecting us all. Cant wait for the next one. Keep sparkling Star!”    Kylie Dodd

“I am totally lost for words, its really hard to pack a punch in 3 days. But it was highly worth every punch, or slap, and tickle, whatever floats your boat. I laughed I cried, I moved into every cell of my being and alligned myself with so many amazing frequencies. Not one part of me was left behind. I am eager to find out how my life will unfold after being involved into something big and so intensive. Nannoo Nannoo.”    Katie Hawkes

“I had a fantastic time connecting with many amazing, bright beacons of light. I felt the love, I saw the light. I am now the lighthouse shinngin the way for those around me to see their way through the storm of life. Do this workshop if you are ready to shine your brightest.”    Orisha Leigh

“First workshop I have been to. Loved all 3 days, people, content, all of it. Amazing! Many thanks and love.”    Marc Brnic

“The symbols are truely beautiful and amazingly strong energy. I look forward to working with them in the coming days to see where they take me. The group energy was great and its been a fun 3 days.”    Valerie Banham

“Really great workshop, even though it was my first time meditating I had mindblowing visions and feelings throughout the weekend. Awesome experience. Thanks Starina.”    Andrew Bozanich

“Oh my amazeballs is all I can say!!! Holy fukballs what a journey this whole weekend was! I was prepared coming into this and thought yeah bring it on, but was really shocked at what actually came through! The powerful symbols brought up all sorts of healing, fukin snakes, visions of awesome past lives, star being contact, earth healings, self healings! Im deffinately not the same person I was when I rocked up on Friday! Vibrating at such a high frequency and loving all the light coming through now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, or shall I say with all my heart for this whole experience! Going forward ready to heal more and heal the world!”    Marisa Bozanich

“Incredible! I loved Saturday morning, I was pumped. Sunday was incredible. Thank you Starina for introducing me to such beautiful courageous people (travellers). I felt unconditional love on Sunday when we grouped together to help a fellow ninja. It was incredible! No need for drugs! this meditation state, good people, good feelings, thats the real sh*t! Thank you very much Starina, light beings and everybody for the light and the love that you’ve shown exists on this planet.”    Amber Cohen

“What an amazing weekend. You are a wonderful teacher and guide. Feels like so much healing has taken place over the weekend and it was wonderful to just focus on myself and be doing something purely for my own healing. I feel so connected to the symbols and beings that assisted during the weekend and my own spirit guides and higher self. I am amazed by the abundance flowing into my life. Thank you for an amazing amazing weekend. So much love for you.”    Tracy Finnemore

“Amazing experience. Beautiful day so many laughs. What can I say, thank you!”   Kaitlin Greco

” Coming into this workshop I was looking forward to developing more knowledge about the first series of symbols to enhance the knowledge attained through the Galactic Reiki Workshop. What I recieved was new gifts and the return of old gifts and so much more. The SSOS have so much limitless potential and by going to this workshop youwill redescover your limitless potential. Thank you Starina, with child-like wonder and amazement.”   Nita King



“I have really loved your loving guidance and the safe yet very clear way of presenting your workshop. I have been to many workshops over the years and also present my own, so I really appriciate the amount of time, love and patience that you have put into this incredible information. I have had a huge amount of healing on so many levels especially one where I would never have been able to access without your guidance, love and insight; my Star Child. To be able to reconnect with her and feel her love and heal her has been such a huge transformation for me. I loved all the activations. The most moving and healing was the Rememberance meditation and I also very much enjoyed the snowflake entity removal, very enlightening. But the most favourite part was the discovering of my voice in language and tonning. I really really am most greatful for your work, your generosity and the focus and connection you have with each and every one of us. Your honesty and integrity was clearly felt.” Marlene Galler

“I wasnt sure what I was getting into bu after doing Galactic Reiki Masters I just knew there was no choice to be made by me, as it was already made for me. I have met so many wonderful people at the workshop that all have a story to tell. I would recommend to anyone that wants to continue their spiritual journey to a new and exciting level. I realised so many things on this weekend, one that we are never alone, and that there is always something else for us to learn and investigate. Loved it all. The fact that I loved the toning, its something I never thought I could do. The vibration was amazing and I would love to influence others to try it.” Vicki Walsh

“I challenge you to be brave and take the plunge! Open your consciousness to what was, is and will be! My favourite part of the workshop was the Sunday morning meditation.” Jeffrey Shaw

“It has been a wonderful journey of self descovery. The energy of the symbols were just amazing. I loved how Starina shared her life experiences and insights with all of us. It made a more down to Earth and real experience that she also has problems in her life. She is a generous and wonderful human being, so wise but also accessable to everyone. My favourite part of the workshop was the safe environment to share in. The connection with all the participants. Starina with her beautiful, unconditional and non-judgemental energy. The amazing symbols and their effects on all of us.” Sheridan Gschwind

” I have always been attracted to sacred geometry – I got so much from the workshop. Highs and lows. I was amazed that each symbol evoked such different reactions in me on so many levels. I would love to do the second part in 2015 if you come to QLD again. Thank you I feel truly blessed to have come apon your beautiful symbols at a time in my life when I really needed them. I feel rebirthed. My favourite part of the workshop was connecting to like-minded people. I loved the Chakra Removal. Also Transformation and DNA Activation were my favourite symbols.” Helen King

” It was really good! Open, inviting, tollerant atmosphere. It gave me a love of the symbols which not being a visual person I thuoght I would struggle with. Also I now have tools to use for specific situations such as protection etc as well as general wellbeing. So, so good thank you. It was all nice! Very easy flowing format, not too confrontational while allowing for good interaction. I enjoyed how the symbols changed for me before and after the activations, especially on the 1st day (when I had big transformations). The Chakra Removal meditation was incredible, very strong one. Also the guided meditation was incredible – loved it!” Stephen Peach

” Its always great to clear the stuff you know has been holding you back, even if its uncomfortable and unpleasent at the time. Thank you for providing such a nurturing environment to allow that to happen. My favourite parts of the workshop, everything! the meditations, the clearings, the removals, the other participants, the venue, Starina, Helen & Doug, and the views.” Narelle Van Egmond

” The activations of the symbols into our energy was amazing. I really enjoyed the meditation which we did on day 3, the Rememberance symbol. It has been an experience I will take with me always, and I cannot wait to get home to see how this has impacted my energy! I loved meeting such lovely people, the connections we have made and getting to work with these beautiful symbols and meeting beautiful Starina! Thank you so very much Starina for a great weekend.” Charmaine Watkins

” I have loved my three days with Starina and the rest of our group! I wasnt sure what to expect but I have experienced a side of myself long forgotten and hidden. I have loved the symbols and the journies they have taken me on and look forward to the journies in our future. Thank you so much! My favourite parts were the meditations and connections I have made between myself, my past, present and future. I have met wonderful people and shared in their amazing experiences. It has been a blessing and has helped me with my healing too!” Jai Pankhurst

” It was great doing the symbols a second time. Cleared and shifted so much more stuff. Loved being in the energy and meeting new people. Feeling so alive and fresh! Thank you very much.” Tracey Scott

” I am in love with you and this course! And I want to do the next one soon! Come back to Queensland.” Zara Sheperd

” Amazing, the best 3 days. After doing the symbols last year I wasnt sure if it would be different for round 2, it was!!! Took the sybols to a whole other level – loved it thank you!! Favourite part of the workshop, do I have to pick just one? Hard to do but I think the sense of connection between everyone here was awesome. My favourite activation was DNA Activation. Finding my voice and toning was fabulous.” Kate Hotson

” Starina you rock!! This has been the best workshop I have ever participated in. The knowledge – wow. The support – wow. The love – wow. The sharing – wow. And the symbols are like coming home!! I had asked the Universe for answers and you answered the call. I dont know how to thank you enough. My favourite parts were learning and being free and supported to explore and cry. Feeling the magic! and finding home!! Oh and meeting you in person!!” Maria Gabriella

” Amazing 3 day meditation workshop, got some great messages, clearing, healing and relaxation. It was awesome to connect with so many fantastic, like-minded people. Perfect for beginers, intermediate or advanced spiritual levels. Rollercoaster of personal development and learning and it was amazing to spend 3 days just on myself. My favourite parts of the workshop were the meditations with the symbols, working on myself, healing and developing myself. Connecting with so many amazing spiritual people.” Iolande Skinner

“I expected more ‘power’ around the symbols. Starina does a marvelous job, the atmosphere was great. The ‘power’ thing was obviously my ‘stuff’ I have experienced a lot of high frequency stuff, maybe I was expecting the same?? Maybe the workshops is for me to integrate “Abundance” and unblock the small (big) things holding me back. I look on what I’ve experienced and learnt with the symbols as more tools for the toolbox for those who want to continue to activate light and change and healing. My favourite part of the workshop was listening to the languages and looking at the sacred geometry symbols. Also being around like-minded people.” Cassandra Hansen

” The experience was absolutely amazing. Ive been through a lot over the past 18 months or so. It was fun, made new friends. A really lovely environment to be in. Highly recommended. I liked all of the workshop but day 3 was when things started changing for me in a very positive way. I started accepting who I was and feeling complete and ready for the next adventure that life may throw at me. Thank you Starina because without your workshop it would have taken me longer to get where I needed to be.” Teena Curry