“Loved it! Really enjoyed my healing from Kellie and practising the hands on healing with the new Star Bridge and Balancing Points. Absolutely loved the attunement, I was very tired and low in energy before the attunement and found it a bit difficult to stay awake, but once I did the removal process some really cool stuff started coming through. Doing it the second time (down on the beach) blew my tiny mind! My favourite part of the day was the healings and general feeling of camaraderie. The most epic part for me was doing the Dolphin Codes of Atlantis attunement at the beach as the sun went down.”   Bee Darlington

“Rocked up quite flat but after an amazing healing/removal from Clare, I felt myself again, reenergized and able to align quickly. Feeling awesome now.! Thoroughly enjoying all the information and excited about utilising on self and others. After the attunement I felt a difference in energy surging throughout my body and loved receiving light through my heart. My favourite part of the day was receiving and giving healing.”   Bec Price

“Very good day. Revisited the Galactic Reiki hand positions and it was good because I had kinda forgot them. Good to learn another three techniques. The Dolphin Atlantis attunement was really good, I really enjoyed it! My favourite part of the day was doing the hands-on healing on Bee and practising the new healing techniques we learnt today. Loved the beach stuff and playing games, soooo fun!”   Kellie Lee

“It was awesome! Perfect day! Love the new healing techniques! Fantastic venue and people etc. The attunement was AMAZING! Loved it soooo much! My favourite part of the day was getting a healing, it was awesome. I don’t feel like it was long enough though! It was just so good. Glad I’m having another one tomorrow!”   Shani Chambers

“Really good day, after hesitations about coming, I’m glad I did! Thank you to Shani for my healing, I needed to clear out and needed that reset. The feeling after the attunement was so good, buzzing! My favourite part of the day was the healing I received from Shani, and feeling normal again. The laughs and chats with everyone. Looking forward to the next 2 days.” Carla Torien

“Really inspirited. I have waited so long for this workshop and it hasn’t disappointed me. Loving the higher vibrations, loving the people I’m with, just feeling the love. There is so much energy in the room! Sometimes it’s overwhelming because there is so many amazing healers, ancient Light Beings, Totems, Spirit Guides present in the room with us. The attunement brought me back to Origin, I am always happy to go home! I saw a lot, felt gorgeous glowing indigo, green, blue water filling my body. Was a mind-blowing experience! There have been a lot of min- blowing experiences since meeting Starina and doing her workshops! My favourite part of the day was the first attunement, it was a life-changing experience. Really loved hanging out with all the girls, playing cards, and the meditation down on the beach.” Clare Millar

“In the morning during the Dolphin Light Codes of Atlantis Activation I was so blessed out, I loved it! After receiving and giving a healing I felt a bit low in energy but feeling a lot better after going outside and trying the three different ways to use the symbols on myself. Was interesting to do the Light Bridge, Balance and Heart Union on myself and Katie, it feels great to do that in a healing! Love, love, loved the attunement! Lots of visuals and felt so blessed out. Real calming energy, felt so light! My favourite part of the day was the Dolphin Light-code Activation and learning the Light Bridge, Balance Points and Heart Union. Re-doing the activation down on the beach with the group was so nice, something I have been wanting to do for years with beautiful like-minded people.” Kaitlin Greco

“I felt like today was a new beginning for me. My outlook changed from the first attunement. The healing that was given to me visually showed me how to change. My perception, just what I needed at this point in time in my life. The attunement was completely blissful, I was energetically buzzing. Each one keeps getting better and better and is helping me become more confident within myself. The attunement was definitely my favourite part of the day!”   Katie Hawkes


“I started the day feeling AMAZING – which is most unusual for me. Woke up feeling refreshed, didn’t even press snooze once! I remembered my grounding and protection before I even opened the bedroom door, and was up and showered before almost everyone! I even had time to go to the shops for coffees etc before the workshop began. I felt like something really shifted for me on Day 1. The first attunement was INCREDIBLE, and the hands-on healing was brilliant as well. The first attunement was beyond epic for me! I had incredible visuals and symbolic messages coming through that revealed some answers to important questions I had been puzzling over, and I think I now know what I need to do to heal myself and solve a few problems I have been struggling with. The same could almost be said for the second attunement, but the messages came through in a very different way – proving to me that I need to do a lot more work to improve my ‘lifestyle choices’ and make some healthy changes in order to truly heal my body. My favourite part of the day was probably the first attunement (the Sirian Light Seals) but my hands-on healings with Shani were a close second, both giving and receiving the healings.” Bee Darlington

“Laughter as per usual and peeling back those layers. Love, love revealing more of the light!” Bec Price

“Great day! Loves the two attunements. Did I enjoy the attunements, f*k yeh I did! My favourite part of the day was the attunements, the crystal scarab, the tiny book, and being ‘stoned’ was awesome – thanks Universal Protection!” Kellie Lee

“It was great! The second healing I felt MUCH more empowered and able. Stuff came through a lot stronger. LOVED all the new information on how to do House Clearings!!! Was fantastic! I loved the morning attunement, was a lot more aware of sabotage and started seeing more stuff. The evening attunement, I went out for a bit of it. I am glad that we are doing it again tomorrow. My favourite part of the day was performing the healings. I felt very empowered, intune, and on point!” Shani Chambers

“Today was really good! Feels good to be back, though by the end of the day I needed to go to bed early! Can’t wait for the next day! My favourite part of the day was Starinas healing, and learning the House Clearing.”   Kellie Lee

“Really enjoyed today, I really felt like I was immersing in the light-codes. Very beautiful, freeing, exhausting. I dipped down in frequency/vibrations until I did a big dark removal. Really chunky. Feeling so much better now ready for the last day! The first attunement the Sirian Light Seals was awesome! The pleidians, not so much, however I did learn a lot from the experience. My favourite part of the day was hanging out in the morning talking and laughing. The morning meditation and the first attunement. So calm, relaxed, and amazing jizzballs.”   Clare Millar

“Great activations/attunements! Feeling very powerful within myself. Shifted a lot and gained so much! Loved all of us doing the light invocation together out loud, I feel so empowered when I do it! House clearing with the 3 hearts was cool, haven’t done it like that before and it was nice to connect it all together and then do it. The attunements, the first one was great, buzzing, shifted and removed a lot. Was very visual which I love! The second one I was a bit tired and a bit worn out but I think there was a lot of sabotage. Loved that I removed a being that was not of the light – I am feeling like I can conquer ANYTHING! Thank you! My favourite part of the day was the first attunement, it felt awesome! Loved the light codings/light language that was gifted to me, loved the visuals, LOVED the process. Also giving healing after that was great, feeling in my element again.”   Kaitlin Greco

“There is so much to learn, and the attunements are really helping me look into and believe in myself. Much love! The attunements have all been really good, I know it has made a difference. My favourite part of the day was giving one of the other girls a healing. I felt confused at first, because I didn’t know how to read the symbols, but the moment I started my healing on her the information flooded through my being. She then confirmed it all afterwards which was really special to me.”   Katie Hawkes


“Today was amazing! I feel like a lot of information that we’ve been learning over all of the workshops is really starting to make sense, and I can now integrate these tools onto my everyday life. I thoroughly enjoyed both attunements today. Released a bunch of cords and attachments and felt so much lighter at the end of each attunement. My favourite part of the day was getting zapped by Carla and Bec, having multiple “light bulb moments” and being gifted with some seriously kick-ass tools. If you get the chance DO THIS WORKSHOP! I literally cannot thank you enough for the amazing gifts you have given me Starina. I feel like I have come a long way since my first workshop, and I know things are only going to get easier and better from here. Thank you Starina from the bottom of all 3 hearts.”   Bee Darlington

“Enjoyable, loved all the new techniques for the tool box. Will gladly be using them regularly. Awesome attunements, feeling blessed. My favourite part of the day was being enlightened with/about implants, entities and removals. Having the tools and know-how of the Ninja! This workshop is EPIC you gotta do it! Starina, Mwha! Loved it, thank you so much! Love and light to your heart Starina. Soooo glad to have met such a beautiful soul. I’m sure we have many more adventures together yet!”   Bec Price

“I forgot what we did today but it was good! Loved the attunements but can’t remember it sorry. My favourite part of the day was doing a healing on Starina and doing the Distant Removal was good because I got to try it out. This workshop will rock your socks! And too bad buddy you will have to wait till Starina’s back in Perth again to do it! Big smiley face! Thanks heaps for helping me release what I no longer need and for helping me feel ready to face remembering what I have suppressed. Make sure you come back to visit at some point, don’t forget about us! Big loves”   Kellie Lee

“Today was definitely a struggle to begin with, however I managed to come good and was able to participate in the whole day. I have no idea about the attunement. I am very grateful Bec and Carla were able to give me confirmation that even though I wasn’t consciously present, I was getting the energetic codings, upgrades and infusions of light. My favourite part of the day was definitely being given the removal process! I am very grateful for this and I’m feeling very empowered. Yep that’s it! I am ready to take on anything in the world. I would tell other people that this workshop is something that ALL healers should do! Not only do you receive EPIC healing techniques and procedures, but the attunements and light codings you receive are phenomenal! So much love! Invaluable information, advice and teachings. I love you so much Starina! Thank you for all the colourful jizzness you have brought into my life. I know that you are a HUGE part of the reason I am who I am today and can definitely say you have contributed so much into making me the healer I am today! I just love and adore you. Thank you for everything! The friendship, and the symbols. I hope ALL your dreams come true. You deserve it!”   Shani Chambers

“I woke up feeling so good! This weekend (and the lead up to it) has been so good for me. I had a lot come up in Bali, so it was nice to be back in good energies, being normal and feeling immense gratitude for this weekend and the amazing women to share it with. As always Starina you’re a riot! Also was nice that my connection with my ‘twinnie’ was back! Phew!! Loved the attunements I have been given and shown so much I can’t wait to share in healings – so grateful! Favourite part of the day, every day – the laughs! also being able to share healings with everyone. How would I describe this workshop? Words can’t describe, you won’t be disappointed! What can I say Starina, Thank you so much for sharing, it has been a crazy and amazing few weeks, months of workshops and working through crap. Thank you for sharing your journey, it has made me understand where you have come from. Thank you for being you and allowing us to be on this amazing rollercoaster – bring it on!!!”   Carla Torien

“Removal, kick-ass ninja process woo hoo! You rocked my world! Awesomeness!!!! Really happy we returned to do the Pleiadians again. I got so much out of that the second time around. I loved both especially the Andromedan one, touched base with so many spirit guides, totems etc. I was really tired and blah in the morning, but after a beautiful healing from Kaitlin, I was topped up and ready for the rest of the day. What would I tell other people about this workshop? Incredible, life-changing experience! Starina and her Sacred Symbols of the Stars have changed my life forever, and for the better! I can’t believe it’s only been a year and I have changed so much from an insecure, meek, mild person to I CAN CHANGED THE WORLD! Turning darkness into light! Kick-ass awesome ninja goddess of light! Starina I love you to the moon and back! There really is no words to how I feel. I will miss you and your zany unicorn, gutter-mouth gorgeous self when you go. I also know when I really need you, you will be there being my beacon of light. My hippy shit dealer! I am Clare and I have an SSOS addiction!”   Clare Millar

“Had a great day today – wish it wasn’t the last day – should be a 4 day workshop hehe. Loved having the attunement out on the grass this morning, was a great way to start the day. Removed so much during the attunement and felt like I have shifted so much over the weekend, thank you! My favourite part of the day was learning about the different entities and walk in/shove ins – I find that stuff so intriguing. Loved doing a healing on Clare – was nice to help her feel a bit better. Also loved learning how to do the removal process. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and awesome kickass ninja skills / procedures. This workshop is like nothing else you would have experiences at any other workshop. So much learning and growth over the weekend, I am very honoured to be able to be a part of this Languages of Light Workshop. Every healer should be getting to know these symbols and sacred geometry, and learning the Languages of Light – they are mind blowing! Once again I would just like to thank you for inviting me to be a part of your workshop Starina, I cannot wait to see what this healing modality brings for me. I had such an amazing weekend, spending quality time with awesome lovely souls and learning new things at the same time – win win! Thank you so much for everything over the past year Star, you will always have a special place in my heart! I love you! PS never stop being a dancing unicorn, love from a fellow Light Ninja.”   Kaitlin Greco



“Another amazing weekend workshop! WOW! I have loved every moment of Languages of Light, working further with these amazing symbols and learning additional techniques with them. I feel very blessed and honoured to have been part of this experience, and to have spent the weekend with such beautiful, incredible souls, at such a gorgeous venue. Thank you Starina for another unforgettable workshop and weekend full of fun, laughter and happiness! I am feeling very excited and optimistic about what will unfold after this weekend. Blessings & love”     Paula Mack

“Magical and uplifting, a workshop for your soul. I connected with the most amazing souls and will be forever grateful. Learning the simple and powerful techniques has helped my self-healings and healings on clients to magnify beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you Starina, for creating this safe, loving atmosphere where we could connect with our galactic family once again. Many Blessings.”     Alexis Littleboy

“So glad I have been given this opportunity to connect with the beautiful souls at the LOL workshop weekend. We connected beautifully to our Star Family. I feel extremely grateful & blessed to be entrusted with these wonderfully beautiful healing techniques. They are very powerful tools that will assist me to move forward to where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing. Thank you!”     Tracey Scott

“Thank you Starina from the bottom of my heart for an another amazing weekend workshop. I am so proud and blessed to be part of the first LOL class graduating as Languages of the Light practitioners. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences in an awesome fun way, I had a great time learning awesome things. I can highly recommend Starina’s workshops as I have completed SSOS1, SSOS2, Galactic Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and LOL and loved every minute of it, as Starina comes from Love and shares Love all around, her workshops are full of fun and laughter and she’ll take you to places you never been before. Love and Light to All.”     Susann Granger

“Wow – this workshop “Languages of Light” by Starina, offering participants this STAR LIGHT HEALING SYSTEM was exceptional. I really loved it. I can’t think how to put into words how good and how different and how beneficial it was for me. So I thoroughly recommend this workshop.”     Marion Forrest

“Doing the Languages of Light workshop has been the most amazing experience for me. I have learnt so much about myself and others. I was nervous when I did my first workshop as I find it difficult to try new things. Starina makes you feel like you are home. Starina is there for each and everyone who does these workshops, as they bring up stuff that you never realized was there. I had a couple of times where I had trouble dealing with my feelings and Starina and the group were there to support me. We all started out as strangers, and now are friends, or family, as we help each other out. These workshops have given me more confidence to talk to others and to trust in myself. Doing the workshops my eyes were opened to so much, and I learnt how to use these amazing symbols which I use in everyday life. Starina always encourages us to be the best we can. When you have a down day Starina is alway there to talk things through, and so are the people in the group. If you want to do something for yourself that will make you feel like you can do anything I would highly recommend to do these workshops. Thankyou for always being there and making the workshops fun. Starina you ROCK!!!!”     Shaz Randall

“The Languages of Light workshop was inspiring. The processes and techniques Starina taught us really filled in the blanks and will add another dimension to our healings. Loved every minute of it!”     Joanne Bunton

“Languages of Light opens your heart and soul to higher consciousness. Allowing you to re-connect with healing modalities from ancient times in this lifetime. All who are drawn to this workshop have within them this ancient knowledge and are ready to awaken this part of their soul again.”     Ronnie Dearlove

“I absolutely loved LOL. It could have continued for an extra day if it was up to me. I particularly loved the activations and practising the healings and land clearings. I was also amazed about the difference the keys made when they were given to me during the hands on healing. Thank you so much for giving us this gift. I absolutely love the symbols and I can’t wait to do healings with them myself!”     Anne Hale

“Starina LOL has blown my mind to endless possibilities your AMAZING Sacred Symbols of the Stars are able to do! Beautiful confirmation with Healing techniques taught that I had been waiting for this Journey to start.” n    Mandi Itzerott

“I have had the privilege of attending several workshops hosted by Starina. It has been a joy to be guided through the galactic energies that can only be described as life changing. Thank you star beings and THANK YOU Starina.”     Brooke Smith