Galactic Reiki 2



“Intense! Great teacher and a great day!”     Raine Smith

“Enjoyable and very informative weekend. Impressed with the symbols, very powerful. Thanks gorgeous.”     Teresa Duckworth

“Thank you Starina! Your love and support makes your workshops amazing! Love your updated manuals, they look and feel great. Thank you for attuning me to level 2 again, it kicked my butt and gave me an epic release, just what I needed!”     Jodie Simpson

“Lots of good energy in the first part of the day, maybe an overload of information/energy/learning etc. Was a bit drained feeling in the group in the afternoon. Appriciate you having me here very much. Thank you, your meditations are AWESOME.”     Coralie Sherwin

“Thanks for a great course. The information and symbols are really invaluable, and I cant wait to research and learn more.”     Savannah Ennis

“Lovely group of girls, thank you. I feel lighter energetically and feel empowered.”     Melinda Auld

“Awesome day. So much fun and so much awesome new stuff to learn and have learnt. Thank you.”     Amanda Hotchin

“Its been a good day!”     Miranda Howard