Galactic Reiki 2



“Thank you for this gift of the symbols. I am honored and humbled to receive them. I will use them with discernment and love.” Ronnie Dearlove

“Had a fantastic day, enjoyed every bit of it. I loved the implant removal. Once again I feel very privillaged to be allowed to be a part of this weekend! Thank you very much Starina. I can repay you with a good healing!” Susann Granger

“Thank you Starina. I felt honoured to be part of this course and to be initiated by you. You are so special. Blessings to you.” Yvonne Belo

” So glad ive finally learnt Reiki, Ive wanted to for years, obviously I was just waiting for the right teacher to arrive. Had a ball, cant wait to learn more from you. Thank you.” Kyrie Baker