Galactic Reiki 2



“Really cool, loved it! Jizztastic! Really great and formative and so much fun!”    Kellie Lee

“Had a great blast of energy on day 1 of GRR workshop, totally awesome. Had an amazing activation for day 2 and loved the channelling. Learnt so much. Distance healing AND house clearing woo hoo! What a fantastic weekend, I feel out of this world!”    Natasha Freudenstein

“Awesome, clear teachings, top healing. Really enjoyed the Distant Healing. Would have liked more time for the distant house clearing. Really awesome I was hoping for alien language, so was a brilliant day! Awesome course, relaxed and fun and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to attend.” Patrice McGill

“Loved it! Very informative yet magical. Still buzzing from the healing! What a day, love love love the attunements, totally magical and amazing. How does this get any better? WOW! Epic weekend. Totally addicted. Thank you for holding such an amazing space! And thank you for your kindness I have had a weekend I wont ever forget. Loves infinitely.”    Pauline Galacher

“I absolutely loved today and everything about it. I feel energised and extremely excited for what’s to come in the next couple of days. Starina is a total goddess. Today was unf*kinreal!! I saw and felt some things during the level 2 attunement that blew my tiny mind, and learnt some new skills that im sure will be deeply beneficial for many years to come. Cant wait for tomorrow!!  My tiny mind has been so completely blown by the things I have learnt and experienced during this workshop that there are no words that could possibly do it justice (channels alien language nannoo nannoo etc) In just 3 days my life has been forever changed for the better and I plan to use all of my new tasty skills – combined with the genius of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars – to better and heal myself, my friends and family, and eventually the world. Thank you so much Starina, you truly are an amazing teacher, person, and now friend. Shine on you crazy diamond.”    Rebecca Darlington

“Great practising the Reiki taught to us. Starina is a fun, joyful facilitator. Looking forward to the rest of the workshop. Lots of nice people and interesting processes. Cant wait to use what I learned. Thank you Starina for her wonderful gift to me.”    Sandy Therry

“Great fun day! Enlightening. Loving learning about the galactic Sacred Symbols. Learnt and covered a lot. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart! Lots of fun, enlightening, inspiring and loved the frequencies!”    Jenni Steer

“It has been very easy to be a part of this group you are a very good teacher. OMG blasted away! Can’t wait to give it to others.”    Paul Smith

“Beautiful day, very informative. Loved the healing from Mark and the opportunity to practise a healing. Very much looking forward to tomorrow and learning more about the symbols. Starina I love your energy, you truly are an amazing soul. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us. The overall experience has been beautiful, 3 days of enlightenment. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing energy.”    Lianne Glass

“Great fun, I get more out of it than normal Reiki. The level 2 attunement was just the best! Amazing! Empowering! The best personal development thing I have done!”    Mark Brnic

“Slowly starting to trust myself, not much, but a little.”    Bettina Mayer

“What a beautiful day! Loved doing Galactic Reiki again, was a whole new experience as I am a completely different person after doing all your workshops. LOVED my healing too, double bonus. You are an incredible teacher, so much love. The Galactic Reiki 2 attunement was absolutely amazing. Your toning was incredible and I felt so much yucky energy be released, felt so great. Epic second day, thank you! Absolutely amazing weekend! Thank you a million times over. I love you to bits and pieces.”    Tracey Finnemore

“This is my second time doing this retreat and the energies and frequencies are even more amazing than I knew, it’s like im downloading more pure energies. The 2nd attunement was much more exciting the second time round. I felt and saw a lot more than usual. Lots of laughter release than tears. Thank you once again, you have blown my mind! Absolutely loved the whole weekend, jizzfest baby!!! Whoah!”    Kaitlin Greco

“As a repeat student resitting day 2 of GRR I got to test my prior knowledge and current skill set with confirming results. It was a completely different experience compared to being a new student. I received more gifts through the attunement to assist me in my galactic journey.”    Nita King



“Loved the Light Language, great to be a part of it.” Cassandra Hansen

“I loved learning about Distant Healing as I can see so many uses and it was a simple but excellent process.” Karyn De Mol

“Awesome attunement! Great teachings learnt, my soul always rejoices.” Maria Gabriela

“Great day. Lots to process. Another fabulous day with fabulous people.” Alexis Littleboy

“Awesome day 2! Getting better and better Starina! Love the Distant Healing process. It felt good and so very effective. Thank you!” Martha Arifin

“That was so awesome! Felt some major clearings and loved your Distant Healing protocol.”  Kim Fowkes

“Loved the Light Languages, and the Distant Healing was very enjoyable and simple to perform.” Marisol Serafin

“Awesome. Just do it. You know you want to. That is all.”  Jodie Simpson

“Another fantastic day. I adored doing the Distant Healings.”  Khadine Arahon

“Loved the 2nd attunement, got a lot out of it. Your singing was beautiful and powerful.” Helen O’Neill

“Learning lots, so excited to be a part of the class.”  Luke Dalley

“Another fantastic day, so much great information.”  Kerri Alexander

“Very different to Reiki 1, loved the clearing and activations.”  Aoife Brady

“Very interesting and all making sense. Now interested in doing SSOS 1 and 2 and the Languages of Light Workshops! Fine family viewing, two thumbs up!”  Yarrow Hinton

“I had another great day. Really enjoyed the Distant Healing. Looking forward to tomorrow.”  Layla Jones

“Very cool. I’m loving the symbols and rapid shifts. Thank you, healing lots!”  Rebecca Dunn

“It was really interesting, thank you for your guidance.”  Amy Bartlett

“Today was wonderful. I loved the removal and the second attunement was a particularly moving experience. It seemed to bond the group, and I can feel that by this afternoons results with the Distant Healing – that everyone is benefiting as well as able to heal with focus and intention. This is just great! Thank you Starina!”  Wanda Grein



“Today was amazing! I felt such a release, a much lighter energy. The attunement was so powerful and flowed freely. The energy exchange blew me away and allowed deep seeded blocks to release from this life and past lives. A very empowering, beautiful experience.”     Deanne Cox

“Felt much more grounded and present today, no resistance to the Galactic Reiki 2. Loved learning more around distant and house clearing. Very nice day.”     Sahhavi

“I loved, loved, loved learning the Distant Healing. The attunement was AMAZING!”   Merinda Smith

“Today doing the Distant Healing and House Clearing was very different to what I had in mind, much harder to concentrate with others energies/thoughts in the room, but still managed to do it. The Reiki 2 attunement was beautiful and I felt quite relaxed afterwards, even a little tired after too.” Kaitlin Greco

“It just gets better! Really interesting learning how to read the body/symptoms. Attunement felt wonderful. Lovely I now have the tools to heal other people/spaces from afar.”     Nicola Lavery

“What an amazing day. Felt so much more connected to myself, more confident and relaxed and trusting in the process. I absolutely LOVED the distant healing and house clearing. Was super proud that I got some information for Clare. The attunement was incredible. Thank you Starina, I feel so blessed to be here.”     Tracy Finnemore

“I so enjoyed today, lots and lots of learning and laughter. I feel soooooo much happened today. I think I will sleep well tonight. I loved all the personal stories you shared, inspiring! I love your fearlessness. Thank you!!!”     Fiona Osoba

“I had such a different day to yesterday. The morning was transformational, the second half of the day was a struggle energetically but very positive.”     Marisa Bozanich

“Wow!! This was intense. So much has changed in how I look at things. I feel more in tune with my intuition and have learnt to trust myself a little bit more. I am so amazed with what has been learnt.” Katie Hawkes

“Wow! Talk about rocking my world! So much energy, reconnecting with my spiritual self. Freaking out how mirrored we are, in saying that I have never really connected to someone like that before. Awesome! Love and sunshine!!”     Clare Millar

“Wow! What a powerful day. Level 1 was a good introduction but level 2 is a powerful shift. It helped to heal my pre-emptive nature to assume that others will be negative.”     Nita King

“Absolutely loved this part of the workshop. Love that I can now heal others that aren’t able to come to me. The Distant Healing poster is beautiful.”    Shani Chambers

“I think this course is great and I can’t wait till I’m fully opened up to it all.”    Kylie Dodd



“Day 2! I feel like a better person and have grown thank you! You are a pleasure everyday!!” Carla Hearn

“Awesome level of energy flow. Loved the Galactic Reiki 2, such a high vibration, easy to bring in and use on myself and other people. Beautiful.” Tracey Scott

“Awesome. As always, loved the attunement, loved the distant healing work. Information was excellent.” Leisa Crane

“Amazing experience, so glad I came and cannot wait until tomorrow. Im sure after today my abilities will only blossom. Thank you. Love the symbols.” Vicki Walsh

“Level 2 an awesome day. Learnt lots again. Feel I have opened myself up more. Thank you for everything. Starina you rock!!!” Shaz Randall

“So really what can I say. Amazing! I really love the level I was raised to today. The new energy was amazing. I now feel so empowered.” Tamara Caswell

“Truly today was again enlightening and has helped me no end. Thank you Starina.” Angela Church

“Thanks Starina. Energy felt great and I saw some amazing things. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Karen Bell

“Another fantastic day with a group of awesome people. Really enjoying the weekend, mixed feelings for tomorrow – cant wait, but dont want it to end!” Kate Hotson