Galactic Reiki 1



“A beautiful introduction to energy work. The day was structured well combined with a relaxed atmosphere. The slow integration of getting used to touching others to implement healing could not have been done better!”   Nita King

“Starina you are an amazing teacher, I loved all the information you shared. I loved what you shared about the symbols of the Usui system, how you felt they have been changed and had lost their original pure frequency. I have always felt the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! for the info you shared with me about my star family, it ties so many things together and makes sense of everything. I can’t even begin to say here, there’s not enough room or time! I feel I am starting to get a sense of what I came here to do. Much love and blessings to you Starina!”   Fiona Osoba

“What a wonderful day filled with amazing energy. Starina you are fabulous, and a great teacher and a beautiful person. I feel my fear may be blocking me so today is all about surrendering to the process and opening up to the Universe. I want to let go of the outcome and enjoy the process.”   Tracey Finhemore

“The energy in the room was very powerful, almost buzzing. The attunement process was very supportive and gentle. I felt held and nurtured. A whole new element to the art of Reiki healing.”   Deanne Cox

“Interesting, this is the first time for me with anything like this.”   Carol Cohen

“I found this workshop fascinating, challenging and mind blowing. When it comes to my spiritual path my gifts came easy to me. This new kind of learning is forcing me to tap into abilities I thought I didn’t have. I am excited to complete the next 2 levels to see what manifests. I know there is so much more in me, this maybe just what I need to develop. Love and sunshine.”    Clare Millar

“I absolutely had the most magical day! I loved the attunements and working with the Sacred Geometry. It was the most I have ever been grounded and “in-tune” with Source. I feel transformed and more confident to go and do healings, channel and read cards!”   Marisa Bozanich

“Absolutely amazing experience. The attunement process was blissful and I had a beautiful exchange of energy during the first hands-on healing. Cant wait for more!”   Nicola Lavery

“I absolutely love Starinas workshops she is such a fun, quirky teacher with a world full (or galaxy full) of knowledge. I have done Reiki before and I do love it! But this is a whole new level! I’ve been a bit lost lately and I feel after just one day I’m fully back in my body and back on my path. Thank you Starina you’re a true angel.”   Shani Chambers

“Galactic Reiki 1 was amazing! I feel like I have had a major healing and feel so refreshed and new and shiny.”   Merinda Smith

“Absolutely amazing opportunity. I felt so many higher vibrations using the Galactic symbols. I am so intrigued and excited to continue this journey and just want to thank you!”   Kaitlin Greco

“Such a beautiful workshop. So much has been opened and has helped me to look through new eyes. Can’t wait to see what happens next workshop and life! after finishing the whole Reiki workshop.”   Katie Hawkes