Galactic Reiki 1



“Starina once again an awesome workshop. I really enjoyed doing Galactic Reiki 1 and getting to do healings on eachother. Thank you. Your knowledge is amazing.”   Shaz Randall

“Awesome as always!! Loved the workshop. Loved performing and recieving a healing. Excellent information and tools to start doing the Galactic Reiki.”    Leisa Crane

“Wow!! Never before have I experiences such deep states of meditation. I experiences a beautiful life in Atlantis and felt deep healing and recalled the healing I did in that life!!”   Karen Langford

“Once again absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for allowing me to do this journey with you. It was so magical to believe in what I do, and know that I am in the perfect place.”   Tamara Caswell

“Awesome day. Really enjoyed doing the healings and readings on eachother. I really felt the difference between Reiki 1 and the Galactic Reiki 1. The symbols increased the energy a lot. Really loved it. Thank you.”   Ann Hale

“Awesome loved the energy and the healings, especially the symbols. The energy just flowed so easily!! Awesome.”   Tracey Scott

“What a fantastic day! Love, love loved it!! Soooo good to be working with the symbols again and adding something new to their awesome energies. Bring on day 2!!”   Kate Hotson

“Lovely and wonderful experience. Highly recommended. Starina was very supportive and helpful. I wasnt too sure what would happen initially, but I really dont have any regrets, in fact my life has been improved, as the last couple of years had been tough, so doing Level 1 Galactic Reiki has really helped me. Thank you so much Starina.”   Angela Church

“Each time I come I have an awesome time! I learn and grow and leave feeling wonderful! You are wonderful!!!”   Carla Hearn

“Absolutely awesome! This was a refresher for me and I loved it. The time feels right. I have a clearer understanding of the symbols and cant wait to use them. Starina you do an awesome job. You are loved by all that attend. Would recommend to everyone that wants to move forward.”   Vicki Walsh

“Feeling very blessed by your beautiful generosity that enabled me to attend. My attunement was very powerful and quite moving. I have felt shifts on many levels and unblocks taking place. Divine and galactic intervention rocks! Love, love, love!”   Karen Bell