GR Masters


“AWESOME. Such an amazing attunement, so very different to anything I have ever done. Feel amazing!” Leisa Crane

“Thank you Starina. This weekend has been an amazing time that has helped me to really start my spiritual journey. Thank you very much for your guidance etc.” Angela Church

“What an amazing weekend. A huge thank you to you and everyone that attended. I feel I can easily move forward from today. So excited about whats coming. Met some amazing new friends.” Vicki Walsh

“Wow, the attunement was amazing! I absolutely loved it! Ive done Reiki before, but your workshop was so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Ann Hale

“Awesome, divine, totally blown away!! Loved it!! Thank you very much.” Tracey Scott

“What a day! What a retreat! Thank you!!!!” Carla Hearn

“Friggin awesome!!! THE MOST AMAZING WEEKEND EVER! Totally life changing, mind blowing and expansive experience. Everyone should do this. Thank you!!!” Kate Hotson

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Awesome once again lovely lady. I now feel comfortable in moving forward into the next stage in my healing/teaching journey.” Tamara Caswell

“Galactic Reiki Masters was a really good workshop. It topped off a really awesome 3 day retreat. Thank you for all your support and your knowledge. You make us feel welcomed and give 100% I am looking forward to my new journey doing Galactic Reiki. Thank you again, you rock!” Shaz Randall

“Major releasing and really enjoyed the attunement. Connecting with everyone was lovely. Thank you so much again for your amazing generosity. I will be eternally greatful and I will return it to you in some way, someday. Bless thank you, thank you, thank you.” Karen Bell