Reading Testimonials

“Hi Starina, thank you so much, it was amazing – am going to have to listen to it several times I think!! The bikie looking man sounds like my uncle Alex – he passed away 5 years ago at 47 from cancer. I’m 16 years younger than him, being 37 now, and he really was a lot like a father figure to me. My aunt has been desperate to hear from him, but never has. She will be very excited to hear about this!! My business now is ragdolls and other soft toys – so the packages you were talking about may have been my dolls not t-shirts?? I do package them in plastic before mailing, so it made sense. Also I had done an Arch Angel workshop last year, but haven’t done anymore yet. I really enjoyed it, and am planning on doing more courses. The abuse I think you are talking about with me, I believe would be bullying at high school. I have been working through that – I am a real work in progress!! I do feel like the issues with our ex-business partner are blocking my spirit, feel scattered and unable to fully focus on anything. It is slowly getting resolved – we recently found out he had been embezzling whilst we were in business with him. He was a great friend of my husbands’ so it has been hard on many levels. Hopefully now after cutting the chords with the wonderful AA Michael, we can start to get it all finalised and move on. Thank you so much, you are truly amazing and I will definitely be in touch for a healing!!” NH Sept 2011

“The first time I read through your mediumship reading I cried so much I didn’t really take it all in. I couldn’t believe how accurate you were and I was amazed and balling my eyes out at the same time! I had to read through it a few times before it really sunk in. My daughter is so clumsy it isn’t funny – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your comments – how on earth would you know that!! The information you gave me about loved ones that have past was awesome and heartbreaking all at once. I couldn’t believe how accurate you were about the way my step brother and father in-law passed away. It is so comforting to know that they are in a better place and that my step-brother didn’t feel the pain of the accident. I have to tell you I was quite sceptical when I first asked for the reading – but you blew my mind! As soon as I read your information I wanted more, sooo much more, because you made me feel connected to them again. I was so grateful that you answered more of my questions and I will be sure to let everyone know how moved and amazed I was with your talents. Forever grateful, and amazed.” RO Nov 2010

“Starina did a reading for me last week and it was amazing! Her accuracy is so spot on that her validation of certain things sent a tingle down my spine when I read them! The reading certainly clarified many things for me and has opened up some new exciting opportunities as well as given me much to think about. Starina was very detailed and very insightful with her predictions and I feel more at ease with how things are likely to pan out in the future. Starina, you have a wonderful talent. Thank you so much!” LW Oct 2010

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Starina for the multiple readings she has done for me. Starina has picked up on non-obvious facts and emotions that other readers in the past have failed to pick up on. Her insights have been amazingly accurate and her advice has given me a fresh perspective. Her calm, wise and soothing nature has helped me heal and recognise the positive things that are coming my way. I am looking forward to her future visions coming to fruition. Starina, you are a truly wonderful woman. I thank you with all my heart.” KK Sept 2010

“I had the pleasure of recently having a clairvoyant reading done by the wonderful Starina and let me just say, Wow!!! I’m honestly not sure where to start telling you how amazing it was! Not only does her love and intuition clearly show through the work that she does (I’m not sure I’ve met anyone more suited to their calling than the talented Starina) but the insights she offered me and information she provided truly blew me away. While we have known each other for quite a few years, it is just not possible for her to have known a lot of the information she was able to give me in my reading. It was quite emotional in parts, but has helped me so much in releasing negativity and issues from my past. It is a glorious freeing feeling to be able to move forward! The advice that she has given me, just through this reading, along with the clarity and love and support she offers, has shown me that not only does Starina have a beautiful heart and soul, but also that she is truly gifted. Having had a few different readings over the years, there is no-one else that I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend than her. And I’m very proud to call her my friend, too.” JS May 2010