Healing Testimonials

“I had a healing with Starina a few weeks ago. It was an amazing journey for both of us. I relaxed and as soon as I shut my eyes I was shot out through a worm hole so fast – like being blown out of a cannon. I then found myself floating in the cosmos – feeling very much at home and a certain amount of grief came up around the loss of part of me. This feeling of loss has been brought through into this incarnation as there was a huge amount of rose pink quartz around my heart protecting it – in fact protecting it so much that it was blocking the allowance of me to receive again. Starina tapped into information that she had no way of knowing as this was an area we had never discussed and one I had kept to myself – but again it was the last residue that she removed that allowed all chords, strands, attachments to that particular issue that been cut away. Starina cleared a number of past life woundings, again opening me up and healing those core woundings. I felt that the things that came up for me in this healing were part of an initiation for me – yet again. Lesson, stay open, love like there is no tomorrow and know that I am loved and well protected and all will be well. Starina, this was amazing and I have reread your write up and slept with it under my bed. So much came through for me and the clearing of a lot of toxic waste has been removed. Thank-you!” LO Nov 2010

“I received my healing from Starina a couple of weeks ago, having first approached her about it due to problems with my singing voice (I am a professional singer). To say I was blown away would be an understatement! Not only have I received a fantastic healing (akin to major surgery!) but I now know so much more about myself both in this life and previous ones. So many questions that have remained unanswered in my life now seem much clearer and things “make sense”. I am still recovering from the cleansing at the moment, and I actually think it will be some time yet before the full effects of the healing are felt, it was a pretty major job. Thank-you Starina. Highly recommended to all.” SK Nov 2010

“The healing was extraordinary. It really changed my life for the better. I walked into your healing room feeling very bored with my life, and unsure of which direction to take, but when I walked out everything was incredibly ‘clear’. My connection to spirit magnified, my energies felt rejuvenated and I was able to let go of a lot of past life karma, which I didn’t even know I was carrying before the healing. So thank you again.” HH Nov 2010

“This was my first distant healing, at first I thought I don’t think this is for me, I like the hands on stuff! But I decided to give it a go, after setting up a time and date. Starina emailed me when she was heading into her healing room. So I decided I would go to the garden and rest in the hammock. Before I knew it an hour and half had gone by and I felt incredible. It was amazing I loved the fact how that I didn’t have to go out to have healing and was able to be relax and be at ease in my own home! Starina later emailed me to see how I was, and to ask a few questions to make sure I was opened to what she had seen. Starina then rang me and went through the healing with me. So many questions where answered for me, so many blocks were cleared, leaving me feeling more connected and having the most amazing dreams. Love and Blessings.” LC Oct 2010

“My healing experience with Starina was one of which I will forever remember. The visuals I received, the guides that I entered can only be described as “amazing, essential and above all, poignant” as in realising my past decisions were necessary for growth, they have allowed me to understand that I am loved, I have made the right choices and the best is yet to come. So thank you Starina, you are a gift and I feel blessed we are friends.” CH Oct 2010

My healing experience with Starina was very different to anything I had experienced before. Her depth of inner knowledge, vibration and connection is beautiful and accurate. For anyone who needs to remove blocks or energy not serving them in this lifetime Starina is the healer to visit. My particular experience was very deep and a reclamation of power. Confirmation came as I visualised exactly the images and symbols simultaneously, and even before Starina spoke them. I will return.” AB Oct 2010

“After feeling very emotional, overwhelmed and out of sorts for weeks, I received a distant healing from Starina and it was incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like it! I felt rested and was in an almost meditative state during the healing. The clearings/healing Starina did on my body were well overdue and she also helped release stagnant energy from past lives/wounds, leaving me feeling calm, refreshed and glowingly positive. Even my husband noticed and felt and shared my happy energy all afternoon. After my healing, Starina phoned to discuss it with me and share the experience. I also received a thorough write up of the healing – from the processes Starina used, to the images and messages she received, as well as suggestions for continued benefits. I highly recommend a healing with the beautiful and talented Starina for anyone and everyone – I can’t thank her enough for this most amazing and awesome experience!” JS Sept 2010

“Dear Starina, thank-you so much for the amazing healing! It revealed so much about who I am, adding to the puzzle pieces that make up this person. It helped me to connect to the Fairy realm and explore parts of my history. It seems to just keep going too! It has been one of the most accurate and powerful healings I ever had. I would recommend it to all my friends. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!” AR Sept 2010

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