Healing Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the Timeline Healing you did on me. I loved listening to the recording of the session and found it so interesting to hear about the different life events that came up for healing. Everything was very accurate and made perfect sense. I really love this new process and how it not only heals events along the timeline but also the DNA! It’s awesome!! I have felt a lot of major shifts since the healing 4 days ago, lots of old stuff is finally clearing out completely and permanently – thank you !!!” Paula Mack, Queensland 2016

“I was astounded at my Emotional Code sessions. Feelings from long ago surfaced to be released which they were physically and emotionally. It was intense afterwards but then I felt so calm and zen like. Starina was amazing with her support during the whole process. She then went on to clear my heart wall and again I was stunned at how far back I was carrying all those unwanted emotions. Generations of negativity! I am SO glad they are gone now. The ages Starina said I absorbed the emotion was spot on. I knew I had deep seated anger but until the sessions I didn’t realise where it came from. Now I’m not carrying that burden any more. Hooray! I highly recommended Starina!”    Kristina McDonald, Melbourne 2016

“I want to thank Starina for the Emotional Code healing she committed to through me. All throughout my life I have battled many times, the issues which arose throughout the session. I have noticed myself being able to address them all with a lot less resistance and more understanding and compassion, allowing them to slowly heal as meant to and intended. My Heart Wall has been massive for a very long time given all I have been through and experienced and I feel a sense of relief knowing there are others out there like Starina whom can help guide and direct others upon their own Journeys of Healing. As well as this I have all suffered pains in my heart for a long long time, and upon ending of the session I do admit it lessened the impact a great deal. I do recommend these healing yes, if you are sensitive, open and willing to truly embark on that path within. Thank you once again sister”     Rameka Chin, Gold Coast 2016

“In relation to my healing experience with Starina , incredible life changing experience. I have felt a instant change within myself.   If only I new about this heart wall clearing technique, I should have done it along time ago. So thank you Starina for your wonderful work, compassion,  understanding and the in  depth information after the session.”    Dianne Lisson, Gold Coast 2016

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