Healing Testimonials 2

“Hey Starina, thank you so much, the reading/healing it was so beautiful. I’ve had quite a few over the years but this one really spoke to me and the way you said everything, was quite convincing to myself, and what I needed to hear. I feel really blessed, and a lot of gratitude that you could offer that to me. I hope many blessings shine upon you! I will try to really work with what you have suggested. It was music to my ears to have so many feelings that I have had confirmed in what you said, and I’m glad I haven’t been off track in that way, and that I can trust them. I’m really curious to see the effects of the healing. If you don’t mind, I may be in contact again down the track for another healing session” JW Sept 2011

“Hello, thanks so much for the healing. HOW GOOD ARE YOU!! You’re amazing you were spot on about EVERYTHING my love. Thank you. So much the fiery energy is so true, I have felt sooooooo F!@$%%^ pissed off it was not funny. Yes, I am giving too much I know this too and I am going to have a month off. Fear so true and I know that it’s also galactic and I dreamt about them last night and it did freak me a bit. I do not feel like smoking since you have done the healing. I was self sabotaging. So true about the business I have tried to delegate and have been abused and ripped off. The energy is very BIG and I am resisting and having fear. Shame mmmm makes sense… OMG!! This is why I fear it… YOU are the best. I got goose bumps through so many things that you have said. I have the Arcturian cards I use these a lot with writing the AA workshop and finalising the Journey of the soul. I feel so much lighter and am going to go to bed. I cried when you spoke that chant, I did get it. When you said the elementals I just cried even higher. Also our past life together. hahaha very interested. I can’t wait to meet you sweet girl. I would love to keep listening to it again and again.” MI Sept 2011

“Hi Starina, thanks sooooo much for your answers, it really does make sense to me and guess what? I am feeling absolutely fantastic, so much energy and excitement, the depression has lifted and i just want more, more, more, I’m absolutely buzzing. Thank you so much, you are such a clever, clever girl!” SF Aug 2011

“Hi Starina, golly I’m a bit speechless, I didn’t realise I had not even experienced practically half of the healing until I got to listen to your recording just now. That was very intense and I am feeling truly grateful and very humbled and still a bit shocked to be honest! THANK YOU for this healing and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You heal the ugly parts that I try to push away/ did not want to see… feeling very emotional at the moment… wish I could think of a better way to express my thanks. You are exceptionally talented and I am honored to have discovered you and your beautiful work. Sending you much love and light xxxx” YB Aug 2011

“Hi Starina, thank you so much for the amazing tape of my healing. I felt so much of what you described and also felt this “coming home” of myself to my star family which was incredible as I was so happy. Thanks once again! Many blessings.” CP Aug 2011

“Hello Starina, thank you so much for that. I just listened to the audio. I didn’t actually feel much of a difference on the Sunday, but when I woke up on the Monday morning I noticed a big difference in my energy, like my energy field was brighter, more open, and I felt like that too, I was open, self-expressive and just happier. Everything you said was spot on, especially with the warrior thing. I’ve always been able to calm myself from exploding at people, but I have been very aware of a deep well of anger just sitting there in the past. But now, it’s gone, so thank-you for that. Umm, the thymus thing, and the grief in the heart was all correct, and I feel different energetically in those places too, all over really, just a whole different, positive and uplifting energy. I loved the chanting! So cool. Thank-you, and blessings” AB June 2011

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