Starina is an international Healer, Reader, Author and Artist working in the higher galactic realms. She is the channel and sacred custodian of the geometric frequencies of light known as the Sacred Symbols of the Stars.

Having worked as a healer since 1997, Starina has over 18 years experience as both a hands-on and distant healer.

“I don’t really like to put labels on myself like psychic, medium, clairvoyant etc as I use a combination of gifts to come to a place of healing. I see with my eyes both open or closed when tuning into people’s pains/illnesses. I often feel their ailments in my body (as an empath) weather I am performing a hands on healing, talking to the person on the phone, or simply discussing their needs via the internet. It’s for this reason I do not ‘put myself out there’ as a Medium, as I often feel many of the clients emotions, aswell as feel and see the circumstances in which a person crossed over. I prefer to offer healings as a lot of channelled information comes through for the client, aswell as them receiving whatever healing they require. These intuitive sessions then allow a space for whoever wishes to pop in and convey a message to do so, if that is important in assisting the client to heal.

I have had pre-cognition since early childhood where I would dream entire events, places, people and scenarios months or years in advance, and then see them play out in real life like a very long de-ja-vu. I can also receive information a bit like an instant download, almost like a packet of information is stamped into my consciousness and I can then relay that information like I ‘knew’ it to begin with. Psychometry is another tool I have the ability to use.

In 2007 my husband and I journeyed to Egypt and that trip turned out to be a life-changing adventure. Whilst there I became extremely ill, and when I returned to Australia my body and my thyroid totally shut down. I piled on 35kg in 6 weeks and became a complete recluse, unable to fix myself, and having no clue what was going on. There was glimmer of light during this dark time, I began drawing these beautiful geometric designs that brought so much colour and joy into my otherwise crazy and uncertain world. I would tune into an individuals energy, normally a friend or family member, and I was able to draw their energetic signatures. These beautiful geometries had the ability to heal their bodies and upgrade them energetically. Over the years my style (and the process) changed as I did, and I now channel what I refer to as universal symbols, as they have the ability to shift and heal people from all walks of life. The Sacred Symbols of the Stars were birthed in 2012 and I went on a wild and wonderful rollercoaster bringing them through. I do feel eternally grateful for the huge learning curves I have been on, although I would not wish it on anyone.

I now run some fabulously fun, empowering workshops playing with the galactic frequencies known as the Sacred Symbols of the Stars, and the Languages of Light. I also love making communication with Star Beings a natural and fear-free experience. I really enjoy seeing so many of my students bring through star language, and toning, and finding their voice in a safe and nurturing environment. Many attendees of these workshops also go on to bring through sacred geometry symbols of their own.

I really try to run these activational workshops in a way that is very empowering to each individual present; it is not all about bowing down to the guru, its more about me sharing my story of transformation and allowing others to see that I’m no different to anyone else. I have fought my way out of a dark space and connected to the light, and have never been the same since. My way is not the only way, but these amazing sacred geometry tools will allow everyone who connects to them to clear huge amounts of wounding and karma in a playful and effective way.
You are in charge of your healing process! There is no need to hand your power over to another person to do the work for you, and you can go as fast and as far as you chose, the keys are in your hands!

I have now channelled the Sacred Symbols of the Stars Series 1 and 2 geometries and their corresponding workshops.. I have also been blessed to bring through a brand new healing modality called the Languages of Light – part of the Star Light Healing System – which is a very simple yet profound way of healing, and I just love it! I was also guided to merge the Sacred Symbols of the Stars with Usui Reiki (with the blessing of Dr Usui himself) to create the Galactic Reiki workshop series. I love how we work with traditional Usui Reiki methods, but give it a rocket booster pack into the 21st century with the aide of the super-powerful galactic attunements using the Sacred Symbols of the Stars. Many of my students have already learnt traditional Reiki and have then come to learn the Galactic Reiki levels after being introduced to the Sacred Symbols of the Stars geometries. My students love how their healing and intuitive gifts get a major boost after completing the Galactic Reiki Workshops.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to utilise my story and my experiences in a way that assists others to connect with, and release their own wounding and I would be honoured to connect with you and share in your personal transformation journey.”