Series 2



The Unity frequency is all about healing separation – whatever is broken or fragmented can come back together healed and whole. This unification helps to bond and meld energies for wholeness and completion. Unity acts like a magnet attracting or repelling energies. It can gather up the broken pieces and glue them back together. It is a wonderful symbol to help formulate a marriage of energies, resolving conflicts and creating a harmonious outcome for all involved.



Remembrance helps us to unearth memories, emotions and information hidden or suppressed over time, bringing it to the surface to be acknowledged, and released. This symbol allows us to become enlightened by helping us to remember how things once were. Unlocking wounding buried so deeply, hidden underneath a mound of grief and sadness. Remembrance helps us to work with our cellular memory, as well as information not held within the brain.



This beautiful symbol helps us to connect to and remember our stellar origins. Imagine yourself as a star in the night sky, feeling the expansiveness of deep space, looking down on the planets below. How amazing do you feel as you fire up your light for the world to see? Starlight is all about letting your inner light shine! Shine brightly and let everyone take notice of your magnificence. This is about becoming the star!



Enlightenment turns on the light to locate, or illuminate a problem, or assist you to find a solution. The symbol seeks out the darkness (lower energies) and shines a light on whatever is suppressing you or your energy, blasting the shadows away. This is a great symbol to help relieve anxieties, fears and phobias. It breaks down and removes binding cords, negative attachments, stress build-up and psychic attack links. When used in the forwards spin, Enlightenment infuses the highest frequencies of light into the area it is directed to. When used in reverse it creates spinning vortices of light that draw the darkness out of its hiding place.



This is super consciousness made manifest! Many of the information signals emitted from the suns rays are distorted by pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere, weakening and mutating their messages and upgrades for the human consciousness. The Solar Ra portal allows us to bypass the filtration systems and go direct to the Source to gather the codings and enlightenment we seek for our advancement.



Consciousness frequency connects you to the universal light language that allows you to reprogram your current level of consciousness, or even to download a new one. Similar to Metatrons Cube this image depicts the point of creation with the consciousness journeying into 6 directions, yet still remaining connected to the whole.



When used in the forwards spin, it is like pressing a fast-forward button. It pushes our energy forwards into a new state of being. Evolution will give you the forward thrust you need to get you out of any situation, so it is perfect if you are feeling stuck in a stagnant relationship or a dead-end job. It manifests new ideas and experiences at a rapid rate, so be careful what you wish for!



I AM Light reminds us of what we truly were before attaching ourselves to a body a mind and a Soul. These are merely our instruments during this Earth walk. Our true power lies in the light we all carry inside.



Just as the flower reaches for the skies, this symbol lifts you up and out of your current reality and thrusts you into a higher state of being. Elevate is about shifting, changing and being empowered. The upward thrust shifts you to experience things from a higher viewpoint.



Expansion is all about breaking through barriers and limitations and removing restrictions placed on our energy, mind and consciousness. Expansion frequency instigates growth, change and freedom, so it is a wonderful symbol to use in your business life. This symbol gives you more of whatever you need, or that which you focus upon. It is an amplifier of energy – so use it for success!



Integration is an amazing tool to work with. It helps us to anchor and assimilate new information, new energy, and new situations. This happens in the body, the mind and the energy centres.
Integration frequency illuminates packets of information and things that we no longer need or believe in and lessons we have learnt. We are then able to remove them, making way for fresh new energy, information and wisdoms to be encoded.



We need to let down our barriers and become vulnerable, trusting that we are supported, allowing us to let go of the past and move forward with grace and ease. Forgiveness is such a powerful healing energy to assist us to clear any wounding right back to the point of creation itself!