Series 1



The sky is the limit! Reach for the stars! This multifaceted energy really has no limits. It came through as the first symbol in this series, as it is a building block for the other symbols to work upon. It assists us to work with the poverty consciousness that keeps us locked into fear programming. This symbol helps us to work on issues of lack and so it is useful for a number of issues we face in 3D. Lack of energy, lack of love, lack of financial prosperity, even lack of sleep! That which you focus upon is drawn to you tenfold; in fact Abundance is infinite, so do not limit yourself with the ways in which this energy can gift you what you desire. Working with the frequency of this symbol creates an awakening in your soul to realign with the energy of Abundance. It’s all about getting out of your head space. Think limitless potential, expansion, acceleration and amplification.



Reincarnation is a powerful tool for going back and healing the wounds of the past. Bounce back along your energetic/karmic timeline and venture into previous lifetimes for healing and adventure. What is it you need to know? What is it that needs healing? What is it that is blocking you from moving forwards with grace and ease? Reincarnation creates dimensional doorways into other worlds, multiple or singular lifetimes and is extremely powerful in healing and clearing karma. This symbol can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride and can bring in new connections to people and places you have past life associations with. Healing with Reincarnation creates ripples back through your timeline to transform the present moment.



Bring through more of your true potential, isn’t that what life is all about? This symbol not only connects you in with you Galactic of Star Child essence, it connects you with the entirety of you! Your Divine Blueprint, your God Self, the all that is-ness of your supreme awesomeness.  The Star Child symbol helps to facilitate the downloading of your Divine Blueprint into manifestation. Bringing your Soul Star essence down into your Earth Star, creating a pure stream of consciousness to facilitate the upgrading of your DNA and your earthly experience. In order for you to bring through more of your highest potential, you must become clear. Clear in thought, clear in intention, clear in the physical body and energy.



This is the go-to symbol for just about any issue you may be facing. Its arms spinning like a whipper snipper to cut through whatever it is that needs transforming.
A great symbol for cord cutting, letting go, moving forward and releasing. Use one Transformation symbol for the whole aura, or use hundreds of little ones to go to work on you. Place it in your chakras to help release old traumas, use it in your energy field to cut yourself free from anything that may be anchoring you in the past. A wonderful symbol to help shift you out of old states of consciousness, allowing you the freedom to step forwards with grace and ease. Disconnect energetically from people, places, things, or old ways of thinking. The ways in which to use this symbol are endless.



Many of the ‘junk DNA’ strands we have are merely circuits that are laying dormant, not yet connected, so the energy cannot flow round them properly. When working with this symbol the pathways link up and connect creating the closed circuit that then comes online and is activated. DNA Activation is used for activating and aligning new higher dimensional frequencies. It brings online more of our highest potential and increases our ability to access our cosmic gifts, and heal our physical form. As the human body is very much a reflection of Mother Earth, as we upgrade our DNA, heal our bodies, and shift into higher states of consciousness, so too we assist the Earth Mother to do the same. DNA Activation is the only symbol that works solely on the physical body.



This symbol is one of my favourites. A portal creator to other worlds, different dimensions, a way to contact Star Beings, and star races, a way to go home. When drawing the Contact symbol I fell in love with the star language around the edges, the language is made up of 9 characters repeated four times. When drawing the stars I loved how they all interconnected, and boy did it push my buttons. It was so hard to focus on drawing when my eyes were flickering as I moved into other dimensions, hence it took a few days to complete the drawing. I drew the language first and said to hubby “it’s like a gateway to the stars!” and then had a total derr moment “It’s a Star-gate!”



Space Clear is used for energetic weight loss. It works much like a vacuum cleaner, moving through an area and removing all the dense energy. It is fantastic to use in the aura, in and around the body, and is perfect for house and land clearings. When bringing this symbol through I wanted to de-clutter my life and my work-space. I felt the need to shift and organise things and when using this in a healing on my husband, he began cleaning the house non-stop! Another use for this symbol is to help you shift by creating space for new energy to flow. Many times I would use it in my heart to make room for higher energies to come through me. I knew I had to get rid of stagnant emotions, memories, experiences, in order to bring through the remaining symbols, and it worked a treat!  Use Space Clear on your home, office, healing space, physical and energetic body; anywhere that accumulates stagnant energy and emotions, or is a high energy traffic zone of other peoples ‘stuff.’



Feel your connection to Source, to your Guides and your Galactic Healing Team. Release all fears of separation and lack. Allow this beautiful energy to embrace you in its loving frequency.
This symbol reminds us we are never alone; we are always connected to the higher realms, we are safe and we are protected. We are loved in each and every moment and a feeling of oneness and connectedness is our birthright.  This symbol is the perfect starting point for any healing work, either on yourself or on a client. A great symbol to use on children before school, or before they do sports. Put this symbol around your car when you are going for a drive, or when leaving it unattended. Use it when going into high energy traffic areas, or threatening situations to give you inner strength. This symbol helps you shift fears connected to our safety and protection. It helps you work through feelings of loneliness and separation. A wonderful energy to integrate and work with everyday.



This is our divine spark, that part of us that is perfect and a unique fragment of the almighty creator Source energy. This powerful image uses the frequency of the sun and fire for transmutation and healing. Its arms outstretched ready to shift things in its path, or grab them and pull them closer. This symbol is the miracle maker manifesting change and creation at a rapid rate. Divine Creation works with the diamond lightbody and the cuboidal energy of the Earth, the Earth Star Chakra and the Base Chakra. This symbol connects in with the creation of Earth itself.



See the unseen! The Golden Eye is connected to a very high stream of pure Source energy. This almost blinding golden light is like a superhighway of information and healing. When channelling this symbol I saw an eye in each of my palms which activated and connected to my inner 3rd eye, creating a golden triangle. It then projected upwards in another golden triangle where it connected with the Hall of Records, a great cosmic library of unlimited knowledge and power. This symbol is connected to the triangle and the element of fire as it connects you with pyramid energy and the Golden Ray of Creation.



Grounded works with foundation energy and connects to the square and the number 4. How strong are our foundations? If you were rocked to the core, how well would you handle it? This symbol helps you to remain centred, and strong. It is like trying to move a mountain when you are fully grounded. This energy is all about staying put, putting down roots for a solid foundation and claiming the earth as your home. A point of reconnection and integration. Go back to basics, connecting as a family, connecting home, the land and its energy. Grounded frequency connects in with the 000 energy of new beginnings and endless possibilities. Birthing from the seeds we planted earlier on. You can connect with telecommunication devices planted deep within the earth, the crystals, the Devas, and the Akashic records of the land.



Unconditional Love is one of the most powerful symbols you can work with. Be prepared for bubbles of energy being released in your chest area as you tune into your deep wounding and embrace it. Love yourself for it, and then love anyone else connected to the wounds.  Use the symbol to shift into a higher consciousness of love vibration. Sending Unconditional Love to those who have hurt you is such a powerful healing experience for everyone involved, and I can promise you your feelings of joy and self love will heighten to a level you may have never thought possible before.  Love can heal all wounds!  A powerful healer, manifester and life transformer.