Sacred Symbols


The Sacred Symbols of the Stars are a unique set of artworks channelled from Source by the Galactic Goddess Starina, that are being used all over the world for personal or professional healing.

Each symbol holds a unique frequency of light that is encoded with activational healing energies, that take you on a deep journey of discovery and self mastery.

Starina began downloading these Activation Healing Templates at the beginning of 2012.  Each symbol has taken roughly a month to come through, be integrated and processed, and then released from her heart and onto paper.

The high vibrational frequencies of each symbol work on the subtle energy of the body, as well as the karmic and ancestral lineages we all come in with as part of our Divine Human Blueprint.

There are 12 Sacred Symbols that make up each series of geometries, and there are currently 24 Sacred Symbols of the Stars geometries available for you to work with.


The Sacred Symbols are available as Galactic Card Decks, Jewellery, Canvases, Posters, Bedding and Blankets – please see  for all available products.