As some of you know, I have been channelling a new healing modality along with the third series of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars geometries. This new modality was birthed out of the Divine Light symbol, so I feel like it will be called Divine Light Healing. Below is an example of a recent healing for a client, with permission from her to share it here.

HEALING EXAMPLE               27/4/2017


EmotionalEmotion Cluster from age 18 x 19 emotions cleared

MagicalHex put on by ex-healer at age 30 “you can’t look after yourself” frozen, podded and removed

MentalNegative Image of self from age 26 thin, vibrant, social, prior to entering long-term relationship

Energetic – Energy Centre imbalance – Core Star – Caused by Entity of a baby daughter, lost child (miscarriage) of sister in laws that attached to Core Star. Are there any other lost children / miscarriages to be released – 11 miscarried children all attached to Core Star, 4 taken children (taken by crew due to the wrong fathers, Ex boyfriends G x 3 children, M x 1. Why are they attaching to Core Star – portal of light, trying to return to the light. Any other lost child entities attached to Core Star – 9 x Older Sisters, 2 x Younger sisters, 2 x Female friends.

Energetic – Energy Centre Imbalance – Throat – Caused by Emotion Cluster inherited from Mother x 18 emotions cleared. Past Life age 28 x 18 emotions cleared. Absorbed from partner age 29 x 57 emotions cleared.

Magical Curse age 36 placed on Soul by partner wishing they was dead. Any more curses we can clear x 54 more curses cleared from this life and more than 1 million past life curses.

(Due to above information bringing up aborted child client chooses to work on clearing anything from that event)


EmotionalEmotion Cluster from age 19 x 133 emotions cleared, Absorbed emotions x 9 from partner, Inherited from Father x 19 emotions, Ancestral x 9 emotions, Subconscious x 323 emotions cleared.

Magical Agreement from a past life with dark masculine to hand over children. Gathered all darkness into sphere along with all cords, contracts, connections, curses, hexes, spells, voodoo, oaths, pacts, vows etc. Could see thin white string around both wrists (binding) tried cutting but they grew back binding them to this agreement. Also, called forth any belief that she was bound to him and the agreement. Binding released along with all darkness.

Mental – A negative image from Age 19 of getting the abortion. Cleared image along with black seed using Evolution to find when/where it began to gather it up and pulled it all forward into now. Also, grabbed all Masters and Slaves.

Energetic – Energy Centre Imbalance – Heart age 34 cause by a Curse placed on her by her mother “I never loved you!” Cleared an Emotion Shield in and around the Heart.

Divine Light Healings – Avilable now