As some of you know, I have been channelling a new healing modality along with the third series of the Sacred Symbols of the Stars geometries. This new modality was birthed out of the Divine Light symbol, so I feel like it will be called Divine Light Healing. Below is an example of a recent healing for a client, with permission from them to share it here.


Client wanting to clear sabotage toward work, finances, promotions, better pay, abundance, financial stability and empowerment

Demonic Forces x 133, Hidden x 1312, Off World x 1151, Above x 9, Below x 17

Implanted Emotions from ex-healer age 34 Base Chakra x 81 emotions, Heart x 124 emotions, Earth Star x 1097 emotions, Core Star x 1312 emotions, Causal x 133 emotions

Concealed Emotions age 28 Shame and Anger

Projected Belief from brother age 6 “I’m a victim”

Cluster Bomb (multiple curses) x 8 curses age 30 from brother to negatively affect work, money, finances, success, abundance, confidence, self-belief, personal power

Emotional Wall around heart from age 6. Wall is 3cm thick and more than 30km high. Wall is made up of 28 emotions

Black Magic age 6 to supress happiness

Transmitter Implants age 30 from ex-healer in Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat to create mental images of abuse

Curse age 8 creating mental limitations

Veiled Emotions from age 37 x 18 emotions

Implanted Emotions from age 7 x 134 emotions. Implanted by Entity

Deflection Curse from age 27 on Heart created by ex-girlfriend to deflect love

Shrapnel (curse that has split into multiple creations) age 40. Curses placed on Soul by Mother to be fully dependant on her and nobody else

Cords x 34 created by Mother. Control cords on Soul.

Divine Light Healings avilable now